CES 2019: What’s Hot? So Many Choices

The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show is in the books and once again it didn’t disappoint. In case you’ve been napping for the last few decades,  CES  has been described by geeks and non-nerds alike as the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. With some 4500 exhibitions and tens of thousands of futuristic gizmos and gadgets, one would be hard-pressed to single out any one of them as being a must-have. With that in mind, let’s take a peek at a handful of tantalizing “morsels” from the veritable smorgasbord of technology products.

First, for the health/fitness conscious readers out there:

Withings BPM Core

While talking about health and fitness, Withings BPM Core blood pressure monitor fills the bill nicely and is stylish and geeky. It will, of course, take your pressure (duh), but that’s not all. It also has a digital stethoscope sensor you press onto the side of your chest, and another you touch with your fingers, so it can take an electrocardiogram! It will be able to detect things like AFib (irregular heartbeat) and valvular heart disease. Pending agency approvals it may appear en masse in the spring,

Fight Camp

Staying on the fitness/health theme, you can now bring the ultimate training experience into the comfort of your own home. The complete FightCamp package takes up eight by four feet of space and comes with gloves, wrist wraps, punch tracker sensors, and standalone punching bag. Inexperienced boxers can watch 8 to 12 weeks of tutorial videos, or access programs to improve punch accuracy or train different parts of the body.

Rehab Tech

In case you suffer a stroke –a common adult disability– enter MiGo. Once you have had a stroke, you must continue rehab for the rest of your life. Flint Rehab’s MiGo, a wrist wearable that pairs with an app, brings together an ecosystem of simple, fun, and easy to use devices that help stroke survivors exercise their impaired side. The MiGo system is compact enough that it can be used with one hand- great for rehabbing while traveling and away from home.

Next, for true techies,

Vuze XR Camera

XR is a big hit this year at CES. HumanEyes doesn’t disappoint with its new multi-mode camera. The Vuze XR can capture a 180-degree stereo image that you can use to create videos for stereoscopic viewers (like VR or Daydream headsets), and it can shoot a 360-degree video for AR applications. In a sense, it is two cameras for the price of one!

 Matrix PowerWatch 2

Nothing worse than wearing a smartwatch that has died smack in the middle of your triathlon. The Matrix PowerWatch 2 fixes that problem with thermometric and solar charging. In other words, this wearable gets its juice from the sun and your own body heat—so you’ll never need to recharge it. It comes with all the usual features: GPS, heart rate tracking, notifications. It’s water resistant too. It will provide competition for Garmin or Apple though lacking some of their features.

SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD

Attention photographers, YouTubers, and other content creators on the go: The just-unveiled SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD is a small, rugged (IP55-rated), and superfast solid-state drive available in capacities up to 2 terabytes. Designed for creative professionals on a PC or Mac, this USB device (which supports all connectors) offers enough space for full libraries of high-resolution RAW images or several hours of 4K video, and lets you move massive files quickly (up to 1GB/second) and even pull-off real-time editing directly from the drive itself. Prices will start at $199 for the 500GB version when it debuts this spring.


Pet lovers will rave about a slick new use of artificial intelligence. The Italian tech company, Volta, brings us Mookkie, a pet feeder with a camera that recognizes each pet’s face and then dispenses the appropriate food to the correct pet. As you can imagine, this could be particularly handy for the many households with more than one pet, especially with specific dietary needs, Mookkie will also send alerts to a pet owner’s phone when the bowl needs refilling. It will debut in September for about $189.

Interested in PCs and such? What comes next is for you:

ROG Mothership

Is it a laptop or a versatile desktop? The answer is yes and yes. The Republic of Gamers (ROG) Mothership from ASUS delivers a unique form factor, fusing portability with performance and versatility. You can take it to go, maybe to a computer gaming tournament or LAN party, and then prop open the kickstand (designed to increase airflow from the bottom of the 17-inch screen) and even detach the (RGB backlit) keyboard from the PC, if you like, to position however you like on the desk. As you might expect, it offers a ton of power under the hood, including Intel Core i9 processor, NVIDIA RTX 2080 discrete graphics, and more. It will be out in the spring, says ASUS, but announced no price.

Dell XPS 13

A CES Innovation Award honoree, the new Dell XPS 13 looks similar to its award-winning predecessors – a 13-inch device crammed into an 11-inch body, and a nearly bezel-less 4K InfinityEdge screen – but this new model adds Dolby Vision support to its screen (along with the option for touch), the latest Quad Core 8th Gen Intel processor, and a new color option (Frost White). Addressing some complaints with the awkward placement of the webcam in previous XPS 13 laptops, Dell has also introduced a new 2.25 mm HD webcam, which is now sits on the top of the display.

Postscript from CES:

This, of course, has been a very highly redacted and subjective overview of a few of the thousands of items showcased. Obviously, with 4500 exhibitors displaying their wares, a full presentation would be out of the question. We hoped, though, that you enjoyed this glimpse of the future on offer at CES 2019.

And to keep all the gadgets going,

TwelveSouth PowerPic

As far as dual-use gadgets go, consider the nifty PowerPic. It’s an ordinary wooden 5×7 picture frame that hides wireless charging powers inside. Need a quick top-off while you’re making dinner? Put it in the kitchen. Want designer charging that matches your décor? Change the image to match your phone’s wallpaper background.   At $80, PowerPic isn’t cheap. But, splurge and live a little for once!

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