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  • Cut the cords of geo-restriction, access Hulu, Sky Go, BBC iPlayer etc.
  • Bypass the controversial bills i.e. C-11 and C-51 posing Canadian government surveillance over their netizens.
  • Upload/download larger Torrent files and enjoy unlimited P2P filesharing without any risk of heavy fines, charges or penalties.
  • Avoid the governmental surveillance and monitoring in order to protect your identity and location over the web.

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There was a time when everything was great about Canadian authorities controlling internet in Canada (CIRA). There was no requirement for best VPN for Canada at that time because they truly provide you leniency and liberty in every manner – they don’t block or limit websites neither they monitor your online activities. However, things have changed since 2013 when Copyright Modernization Act (Bill C-11) was passed, which enforce all Canadian ISP to maintain logs of customer data. It was for the first time when Canadians serious looking for solution to avoid this unwelcomed monitoring, VPN Canada was savoir at that time.

Now in addition to Bill C-11, the Anti-terrorism Act 2015 (Bill C-51) is deployed almost to a complete extent which will provide the government agencies a whole new set of power. CSIS, the Canadian intelligence agency will be authorized to track each and every online activity performed by Canadians. Pretty Alarming..! VPN Analysis brings the list of best VPN for Canada so that you can gain ultimate protection and maximum privacy.

Recommended VPN for Canada in 2016

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Our list of 5 best VPN for Canada is extracted after careful evaluation of offered services including privacy level, encryption standards, available protocols, compatibility with multiple operating systems and devices, customer support, payment methods, and pricing plans.

Canadian VPN Servers

If you are outside Canada, VPN servers based in Canadian region are still the best choice as they don’t limit your browsing experience with strong censorship; via Canada VPN server subscribers’ can stream content on HD quality, adult websites, unprotected worldwide web or any other domain carrying threatening material for governmental agencies – as you not logging from Canada plus you have anonymity shield provided by VPN, there is minimal chance of you being monitored or track. Apart from the Bills passed in recent period (Bill C-11 & Bill C-51) they are truly liberal. So, if you are not on Canadian servers there is a high probability that you are facing geo-restriction or censorship issue, but moving on a premium Canadian VPN means you can virtually travel any part of the internet.

Bonus of having a Canadian VPN

The renowned Canadian ‘friendly’ neighbor United States of America is actually friendly with them. There are bunch of US websites including all content streaming media like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, HBO, etc. which are blocked in many regions of the world are not blocked in Canada – means all website accessible to US based internet users are also accessible to Canadian web users. Thus, if you go for any Canada VPN service just to acquire the privilege of surfing on Canadian space, you will also gain access to all restricted and censored web content of United States as a bonus.

High Reliability with Low Traffic Load

The secret of fast streaming, seamless browsing lays in discovery a location with high bandwidth and less internet traffic. Canadian web space has abundance of untouched resources ready to be used via best Canada VPN. Most of the VPN users are quick to select servers located in United States or United Kingdom. This practice always keeps VPN for Canada to utilize maximum resources of Canadian servers resulting in less traffic and high service quality of Best Canada VPN to the rare ones logging from Canadian IP.

Choosing the Best VPN for Canada is easy, due to high quality of service and less number of internet traffic on VPN Canada even the service providers having few Canadian IP and servers can give you optimum performance at desirable speed. Our list of 5 best VPN for Canada is extracted after careful evaluation of offered services including privacy level, encryption standards, available protocols, compatibility with multiple operating systems and devices, customer support, payment methods, and pricing plans.

Threat and Risk

Now the question on Canadian minds would be ‘why would I go for a Canada VPN when I am already based in Canada’ – of course you are living in one of the advanced technological regions with no restrictions on internet; you can easily and seamlessly access nearly everything that is on the web. We have two major issues that you will encounter while surfingthe internet in Canada, let’s have a look.

Freedom to roam the internet also open doors for the hackers to steal your sensitive information. Hackers do not only portray the threat; governmental security & intelligence agencies are always keen to keep tracks of your activities. An abnormal increase is noticed in monitoring the activities of internet user after 9/11. Let’s check out some details about the cybercrimes which affected 7 million internet users (more than 86% of Canadian population used internet in 2012) in Canada, the total amount is more than 3 billion dollars which is lost or stolen from Canadian web users.

Second, the copyright modernization act & anti-terrorism act – both bills grant the permission to record, monitor and track online activities perform by an individual on internet. You cannot share or download content from P2P file sharing or torrenting websites as it violates the copyright act. Best VPN for Canada provide you perfect platform to by-pass such barriers.

Norton Analysis Report – 2013

The Norton report reveals that 60 percent of Canada based smartphone & tablet user have no awareness about protecting themselves while they go online. People were still disturbed when Snowden exposed the global spying by NSA, but as the Norton report got viral privacy and security became the serious requirement of Canadian internet users.

To achieve minimal protection and improve security on mobile and other connecting devices, Lynn Hargrove of Symantec Canada gave three standing instructions including password protection, avoid using public networks like Wifi for online shopping or other financial transactions, and in the end he added to use security software for mobile devices. Two of the prior instructions can be easily done from user end but the last one requires efficient software that kept you anonymous, secured and protected from cybercriminals, hackers and other spying authorities – this calls for a best Canada VPN service.

How VPN Canada works

Selecting a VPN service involves a little hardship, like deciding on what you want to do on the web, and then with help of reviews from experts (for instance VPN Analysis) you select the one which fulfils your desired needs. A Canada VPN assigns its users a Canadian IP (Internet Protocol) from Canada based server, which the identification number of a computer on the internet. This new, virtual Canadian IP address allows people outside Canada to access all content from within Canada, securely and easily.

Apart from offering a Canadian IP to access all Canadian content, a Canada VPN also provides complete protection of data on the internet by using data tunneling protocols like PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and OpenVPN. These protocols establish a safe, secure, and virtual tunnel between the VPN user and the internet for safe data transfer.

Enhanced Protection by Best Canada VPN

Best Canadian VPN provider also offers data encryption to encode the user data making it unreadable by hackers and other authorities. The combination of data tunneling and data encryption assists in providing complete protection and security to its users. Moreover, switching of IP address allows Canada VPN users to access all blocked content from Canada and become anonymous and untraceable on the internet.

Therefore, a good Canadian VPN has become the need of the hour. Not only does a Canadian VPN provides flawless access to all Canadian based content but also provides its users with complete privacy, anonymity, protection, and safety.

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