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Welcome to VPN Analysis..! your very own VPN researchers – Our team has expertise in evaluating VPN around the world used for specific features, devices and operating systems. We bring you latest news and happenings related to internet security and privacy. Our team reviews the VPN service providers; brings you guides & information regarding best VPN for particular need of your. Have a look within a certain category according to your requirement.

What is a VPN service?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network; it is a tunneling networking technology. It uses public telecommunication infrastructure that is Internet, to provide users with a secure and fast accessibility to geo-confined websites and networks. VPN service providers have server deployed at certain location(s) – when users are connected with one of such servers, it routes your internet traffic through it. VPN hides the actual identity of their clients or makes it appear as you are logged on from the country where server is deployed.

Core Purpose of VPN

VPN servers were only deployed previously in organizations that enable their employees to connect from home. Now as the demand for privacy increases, VPN are widely used for secure and safe connection – A connection that hides your online identity and login location. Also, VPNs are used by remote users who are unable to access particular websites and networks which are blocked in their region. In addition to this, number of transnational organizations, government agencies and educational institutions use VPN technology to facilitate internet users accessing a wide range of websites.

What More A VPN Can Do?

Wondering that VPN is just a security tool…? Gratefully No…! Its rather be called a magical software to maximize your online freedom. It cloaks your original identity on internet so that you become an anonymous surfer for people who look around to steal data and information, top of the mind are hackers, spammers, phishers, snoopers. Additionally, it works as protection shield from mass surveillance by governmental agencies.

Furthermore, VPN services are not only used to make your existence anonymous over the web but there are other marvels associated with this VPN technology. Let’s make it simpler and embark our journey of revelations to help you learn about this VPN technology and its functionality.

Liberty to make Free International Calls

Placing restrictions over video/audio calling applications like Skype, Viber, Line, IMO, HiTalk, Tango, magicApp, KakaoTalk, etc. can become a cause of real frustration whether you want to connect with your loved ones abroad or to communicate with professional peers. Countries with restricted use on such apps include Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, North Korea and others have strict cordons to international calls. To avoid such blockades over your communications, you can use a VPN for free international calling and stay connected with your loved ones.

Easy Access to Blocked Websites

VPN is equally effective to circumvent the restrictive barriers over websites such as Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter etc. by the governments of countries where strict privacy laws are highly favored. VPN is designed to mask your IP address and assigns you the one which makes you connect to the server of that particular country. This way you get a digital passport of all those websites that are geo-restricted.

Secure and Anonymous Torrenting

Torrent Lovers face the most crucial issues while P2P filesharing. The copyright infringement issues and heavy fines don’t let the torrent freaks even breathe. Optimized VPN for torrenting hides your IP address and makes your existence anonymous over the web, plus it also grants you with unlimited speed and bandwidth option. Selecting a VPN for P2P filesharing can be a wise decision instead of getting caught up behind the jail bars.

Global Accessibility to Streaming Media

Buffer-less streaming has become very rare nowadays. Channels like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Sky Go etc. have limited their content library to only those who have the legal licensing rights. Cheers to the VPN technology which grants you a key to access the full content libraries of those streaming websites. VPN for streaming won’t let you miss a single episode of your favorite drama, TV title or a super-hit movie.

Experience Lag-free Gaming at Lowest Pings Ratio

What can be more frustrating than facing a lag or latency curse when you are aiming for a decisive headshot to triumph the game. Besides this, if your servers are hit continuously with sequential DDoS attacks than its time to tighten the loose seat belts and get yourself a savior – Gaming VPN. Active gamers prefer VPN to boost up their gaming experience. Moreover, you can also play the geo-locked MMO and MMORPG games from the countries that have restricted the game access within their local boundaries.

Top VPN Providers on

VPN allow its clients to connect with website(s) from distant location, it also route your internet traffic through tunneling method to conceal your location and IP address. The beauty of best VPN providers is to perform mentioned tasks with no or least compromises on speed and website quality. has a research team of tech geeks who are responsible to evaluate the performance of diffrent most secure VPN service and rank the best VPN providers with respect to particular category.

VPN Analysis has defined methodology to rank the top VPN service; points are given to VPN after reviewing number of active IP addresses, number of servers, number & importance of locations where servers are deployed, speed, performance quality and uninterrupted service; plus, certain weightage is also added based on user feedback – this is how VPN Analysis rank the best VPN provider, one with most points grabs our top slot. In short ‘We Analyse VPN Industry – You Don’t Have To’.

How VPN Work – A Short Guide by VPN Analysis

VPN makes a point-to-point connection between the VPN server and the user’s system. This type of connection actually connects two parts of private network or two private networks. Traffic from user side routed over a network tunnel on to the VPN server. Every request then from client appears as it’s coming from VPN server. A routed VPN logically works as an out-and-out Wide Area Network (WAN).

Evolution of VPN brings more and more users from round the world with specific need to opt VPN services; Chinese web users require VPN to by-pass their great firewall, European and Australian web users need VPN to unblock Hulu and Hulu PlusNetflix & BBC iPlayer, thousand from different continents are picking VPN to unblock torrent network – enhanced security & privacy are the benefits that comes along with all. To summarize it in a sentence ‘A VPN unlocks the world for you while protecting your privacy’. assists you in making the right decision. Just select a category of your requirement and you will find a detailed review plus ranking of leading VPN providers in that specific category. We wish you SAFE, ANONYMOUS & MOST SECURE Surfing..!