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Welcome! You’ve come to the right place for learning all you need to know about the world of VPNs. VPNAnalysis is your comprehensive resource for all things VPN. Whether you want to find out more about VPNs in general, or you want to find the best VPN solution for your specific needs, we’ve got you covered.

On our site, you can find objective, expert reviews of the best VPN providers on the market today. Our team of VPN experts review everything you’d need to look for in choosing a quality VPN provider, including security features, usability, speed, price, and more in order to help you make a well-informed decision based on your specific requirements.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is software that allows you to connect to the internet securely through an encrypted server in a remote location. This means that all of your online activity is fully protected and secure whenever you connect through a VPN server. It may sound complicated at first, but using a VPN is actually incredibly simple, and it’s a tool that offers many practical uses.  

Why use a VPN? 

VPNs are not just for techies and computer geeks, they are for anyone, regardless of technical ability, who values online privacy and wants to unlock the full potential of the internet. You can use a VPN for a number of different things.

One of the most common uses for VPN is to protect your online privacy. Because your internet activity is fully encrypted whenever you connect to a VPN server, whatever you do online is completely hidden from hackers, government spies, your ISP, or any other third party who would potentially want to snoop on you through the internet. For this reason, using a VPN while connected to insecure public wifi networks is especially important. 

Another popular use for VPN is to unblock geographically restricted online content. A considerable amount of online content is restricted to certain geographical regions. When you connect to a VPN server, however, your IP address automatically changes to that of the remote VPN server of your choosing, allowing you to be virtually anywhere in the world. This means that you can trick websites into thinking you are located in a country where the content you want to access is available.

Our Mission

Here at VPNAnalysis, we want to help you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect VPN provider for your specific needs. That’s why we make sure to cover all the bases within our analysis.

Our team of experts puts each VPN provider we review through a rigorous series of tests and evaluations. We evaluate and provide a detailed analysis of each provider’s offering as far as cost, network size, connection speeds, security features, encryption protocols used, ability to unblock content, ability to bypass internet censorship, and more. Additionally, we thoroughly evaluate the responsiveness, availability, expertise, and friendliness of each provider’s customer support staff to make sure your support requirements are satisfied as well.

Essentially, our mission is to do all the work for you by expertly crafting reviews, guides, and educational resources to make choosing your perfect VPN as easy and as straightforward as possible.