Best VPN for iOS – Ensure Secure and Anonymous Presence

Best VPN for iOS


  • Protection against snoopers, hackers or cyber-terrorists who are keenly interested in jeopardizing your confidential accounts such as Amazon, Paypal, eBay etc.
  • Avoid malicious malwares like WireLurker, XcodeGhost, AceDeceiver and SSL Drowns to get into your iOS and infect your device/system.
  • Get ultimate security while using public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Bypass local limitations over the most renowned streaming websites and channels like Netflix, Hulu, ABC Network and others.

Apple’s iOS popularity popped up due to its growing strength in terms of security grabbing a market share of 13.9% worldwide and standing as being the biggest mobile technology seller in 2015. In fact, Mr. Cook (Apple CEO) stated clearly that privacy of their customers’ is a situation of “life and death”. Valuing the customers’ privacy, he clearly stated disapproval on the US government for the demands of using back doors to access users’ IPhone.

Still, the ever-growing cyber-threats and hack-attacks have undoubtedly left Apple devices as well vulnerable to these security related issues. This time VPN Analysis has come up with the list of 5 best VPN for iOS so that users can overcome these alarming situations on any of their iOS devices.

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Compatibility Issues with iOS (9 and 9.1)

Best VPN for iOS

Apple’s iOS 9 has brought much security improvements by fixing the bugs that were found previously in iOS 8. However, Cisco (tech frim) recently disclosed the security flaw in iOS 9 beta (and released version) which can crack some of the VPN networks as DNS resolution failed to work while doing split tunneling. In fact this bug remains unfixed in latest iOS 9.1 beta. So if you are among the affected user than you should instantly approach your VPN provider to fix this bug.

If this issue remains prevailed and you want to re-connect to your VPN network than we recommend you to reinstall iOS 9 and downgrade back to iOS 8.4.1 and restoring your device backups from iTunes. However, if still these quick fixes don’t work out than you can again set up fresh 8.4.1 iOS version but bear in mind that for this you have perform full factory reset.


Released iOS 9.3 version fixes the major security hole which was recently discovered by Johns Hopkins University security researchers. That was allowing hackers to crack into your iPhone or iPad to steal your photos or videos or other important files sent or received via iMessage.

Apple’s iOS Vulnerabilities in past

In the year 2014, Windows was dominated by Mac OS X and iOS in the chart of security vulnerabilities. Over 147 vulnerabilities were found in OS X among which 64 were graded as “high severity” which could easily be exploited by an attacker. On the flip side, iOS was reported to possess 127 vulnerabilities to which 32 loop holes were claimed to be highly severe.

In fact, the year 2014 didn’t proved to be good at all for Apple. Much criticism was raised against so-called WireLurker malware which affected many of the iOS users and could possibly harvest sensitive information, scoop up contact lists and passwords by sending constant request updates from the attackers control servers.

While in September 2015, Apple’s app store was cracked by the worst malicious XcodeGhost software affecting numerous apps including WeChat, Didi Kuaidi’s, and NetEase, CamCard etc. The sole purpose of this software was to gather sensitive details of an iOS user.

Therefore get off such security related vulnerability in your iOS or OS X and make use of best VPN for iOS. Best iOS VPN will protect your iOS by providing you encrypted tunnel which is impenetrable so that nothing harm can breach your system.

Why you need iOS VPN?

Best VPN for iOS is a lifeline of your iOS devices. You might know that unlike open-source platform like Android, Apple keeps the security standard high under closed proprietary software but still we cannot deny the fact that your device remains vulnerable to cyber-terrorists if you haven’t yet configured best iOS VPN.

Thus, to avoid getting indulged in any security related issues in your iOS you can make use of best VPN for iOS which will keep you safe from ISP monitoring or snooping of law enforcement agencies by encrypting your data. Also, you can circumvent heavy censorships and get access to blocked media using your iOS VPN client.


Custom iOS app in contrast to Open VPN Connect app

Sadly, there is no VPN provider supporting OpenVPN in their custom iOS apps. This obviously gives a high-pitch to Android app which mostly supports OpenVPN in all of its devices. Each custom iOS app uses Network Extension API for security solutions allowing them to access native PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols settings. So if you are going to choose among custom clients then PPTP is much faster but least secure protocol, while L2TP/IPSec will give you good security than PPTPso we advise you to go for this client while using Custom iOS app.

However, Edward Snowden revelation about cracking into PPTP and L2TP protocol has shocked users’ to think about their privacy and security. Therefore we recommend users’ to give priority to security rather than convenience of custom iOS apps. In this case, OpenVPN is the most secured, trustworthy and uncrackable VPN protocol.Unlike OpenVPN, OpenVPN Connect app includes proprietary closed-source software which is certainly uncomplicated and easy to use but you may need to manually download it from the Apple app store and then configure it!

Benefits of using best VPN for iOS

Best VPN for iOS is a sigh of relief for those who got affected by various destructive apps or malwares in their iOS. In fact not only it is savior or rigid shield against such security vulnerabilities but also you get number of benefits using iOS VPN. Below we have mentioned few of them.

• Evade censorship and geo-restrictions using iOS VPN

Countries like China, Turkey, and Iran etc. impose massive censorship over online content for their citizens that also limit the streaming websites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu that are always worth watching! Also, much used websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress etc. are also blocked in such regions. However, best VPN for iOS will help you circumvent such heavily imposed censorship in all the countries and gives you passage to enjoy the services of internet world up to your desire by breaking down all barriers of geo-restrictions.

• VPN for iOS will encrypt your data

Best iOS VPN has become a necessity in such growing rate of hack-attacks and snooping activities. Hackers are finding ways to exploit your system and harvest as much sensitive data as possible while law enforcement agencies try to seek users’ information in an effort to fight back terrorism. In all such scenario your personal data is never safe if you haven’t yet make use of best VPN for iOS. It works by encrypting all your data under a protected shield which is uncrackable and fools anyone who tries to penetrate into your system.

Final Verdict

Unlike Android, Apple has always been considered more secured due to closed proprietary software. But still the matter of fact is that Apple has always been subjected to malware, viruses and Trojans. So if you are among the security-oriented users than we have sorted 5 best iOS VPN coming along with good features that will keep you iOS or OS X completely safe from these security holes. Additionally, you can surf the internet world without any hassles of geo-restrictions by masking your true IP from all the snoopers, hackers or governmental agencies using best VPN for apple devices.

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