Most Secure VPN Services 2016



  • The utmost secure and stable connection that makes you virtually present wherever you want.
  • Top-notch security with PayPal and complete anonymity with Bitcoin payments.
  • Zero-log policy which makes your browsing the most secure and anonymous protecting your identity and location in a real sense.
  • Choose any of the most secure encryption protocols such as L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN etc. to tunnel your confidential information like passcodes, email addresses, credit card numbers etc.

Security is one of the top priorities of a person who is more likely indulged in internet activities. Mostly business professionals who want to control their system remotely from other locations are more concerned with security than a common man. Not only businessmen, but you need a secure internet connection while doing online transactions and sharing personal or confidential information on skype, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

In the world full of technologies, we have the most wonderful technology for privacy and security-oriented people i.e. VPN technology. Most secure VPN – as the name suggest would be the one which guarantees and ensures you high security. VPN Analysis has brought, for your convenience, the list of top five (5) most secure VPN services.

# Provider Features Rating Price Link
  • Thirty-day refund policy
  • Torrent/P2P allowed
  • Three concurrent logins
  • 136+ VPN locations
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  • Seven-day refund policy
  • Torrent/P2P allowed
  • 400+ VPN servers
  • Five simultaneous connections
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  • Thirty-day refund policy
  • IPv6 leak protection
  • Torrent/P2P allowed
  • Six simultaneous connections
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  • Three-day free trial
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • 60+ VPN locations
  • No usage logs
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  • Seven-day money-back guarantee
  • Six simultaneous connections
  • No logs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
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Which VPN Is Considered to Be the Most Secure VPN?

Thinking about VPN is a general thing because there are numerous reasons for using a VPN. But to think about highly secure app specifically, we need to look for protocols, encryption level, log less policy and many more. Let’s talk about in more detail about what completes the definition of competent VPN service:

• No Log Policy:

The best shield that best VPN promises is the log less policy. Factually, only few VPN providers based in countries free from Data Retention restrictions keeps no log. Whereas others do, even if they are not forced to…! They keep connection logs and account information only for the purpose of troubleshooting. However, in these circumstances it is appropriate to opt a service with zero log policy.

• Location Of The VPN Provider:

One of the essential things to be considered about a VPN provider is its location. Although, United States has no data retention law but still US based VPN providers keep users’ online information and could possibly send it over to the third-parties when they need. Therefore, we highly recommend ExpressVPN which is the most secure VPN located in region with no obligations to keep or trace users’ log.

• Anonymous Payment Methods – Bitcoin:

One of the hallmarks of most secure VPN service is that they accept bitcoin payments. It is an anonymous payment method which means that your VPN provider respect your privacy and let you remain anonymous!

• Ad-On Features:

Best VPN services may come along with extra features to provide privacy and security so that netizens might feel a real freedom over the internet. These funky features include:

  1. DNS Leak Protection
  2. Internet Kill Switch
  3. Port Forwarding

Using these great features, you will remain untraceable for hackers, spammers and also leaves you completely anonymous and secure from endangering in any kind of security related issues!

How does the Most Secure VPN work?

VPN services are considered to be the most reliable way not only among the professionals and torrent downloaders but they have made a significant place among individual users as well. The primary reason is security. As the world is advancing in the field of technology so it is also advancing in cybercrimes. The moment a new technology is invented; cyber-criminals start working on it. So, nowadays, security is the basic need of everyday life.

You might be glad hearing that this service is capable of providing you the level of security you desire! Yes, it can work according to your needs. The moment you connect to your VPN, it masks your real IP and provides you with a fake one. Now wherever you go while browsing, your fake IP is displayed leaving you untraceable behind the veil.

Plus, it establishes a secure passage or end to end tunnel between the two nodes in which all your internet traffic is in encrypted form. So, serve least time in choosing the most secure VPN from the list above and get the best of it!

What can a Most Secure VPN do for you?

It takes your privacy and security very seriously and does not compromise on it. Once you have selected a VPN from the table of the most secure VPN services, you can browse, stream, play games, and do anything on internet without giving it a single thought.

• Encrypt your Data and Communications

Most secure VPN encryption methods not only encrypt your specific data but also your communications, your chats, passwords, in short, all the data that is being sent or received online is encrypted. If you have established a secure connection via VPN, you have got a pass to enter and explore the world of internet the way you want. Any hacker or a data thief can never interrupt your joy if you elect a VPN service according to your requirements.

• By-Pass Geo-Blocked Regions and Evade Censorships

This is absolutely most beneficial and handy for netizens. If you are sitting in a country with excessive internet censorships or heavy data retention laws, your social life and the factor of enjoyment will totally disappear from your life. Quite sad, isn’t it? Our VPN experts have come up with a feasible solution to it – most secure VPN. It can bring you to life again. You can connect to any VPN server at your will and say Bye to geo-blocking, data retention laws, censorships, mass surveillance and even bandwidth throttling!

Most Secure Encryption Protocols

Encryption is the encoding of all online data traffic sent from the host and then decoding it at the other end when received. We have already talked about the secure tunnel between you and your VPN server. But the question is; how is this secure tunnel established? How the data inside the tunnel remain secure?

The answer to these questions is simple… VPN tunneling not only is enough for the hackers. They have latest devices and tools to breach into your system. The most secure VPN adds up encryption to entire online data as another level of security. This is done by encryption protocols. The level of encryption is decided on the protocol type you are using. There are different types of VPN security levels. Some of the encryption methods are described briefly for your assistance.

• What is Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)?

Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol or SSTP is a Microsoft based VPN encryption method that is considered as one of the most secure protocol. SSTP is capable to by-pass and evade all kinds of firewalls and censorships. It can avoid NAT firewall by using SSL 3.0 channel over TCP 443 port.

The main drawback of SSTP is that it is owned by Microsoft; hence none can monitor its loopholes and weaknesses. Also, it offers features similar to OpenVPN but only in windows environment. Although, RouterOS, Linux, SEIL and BSD contain an SSTP client and server but SSTP is Windows-friendly and can truly works over Windows platform.

• What Is Secure Socket Layer (SSL)?

Secure Socket Layer or SSL is a VPN encryption method which creates an encrypted link between a browser and a web server, or a mail client and a mail server such as Outlook. Usually, an SSL certificate is required to establish an SSL connection between two nodes.

SSL protocol is developed by Netscape and it uses VPN encryption 128-bit and up. It is mostly used by e-Business professionals and allows transmitting online data, passwords and other confidential information securely over internet.

• What Is Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)?

Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is the fastest protocol among all. It cannot be entitled as the most secure VPN as its encryption level is the least as compared to other protocols, but it’s good to have extra options. PPTP uses a GRE tunnel and a control TCP channel to encapsulate PPP packets and contains an easy-to-use setup.

PPTP is the most popular yet the earliest protocol having a lengthy list of compatible devices. PPTP uses Microsoft P2P encryption i.e. 40-bit, 56-bit and 128-bit encryption keys. Being the least secure, PPTP can easily be compromised by NSA.

• What Is Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)?

Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) alone does not ensure encryption or VPN security to netizens. It is usually combined with IPsec encryption to provide the netizens the desired VPN security factor over internet. L2TP/IPsec uses 256-bit encryption but can easily be blocked by most Nat firewalls.

It has an easy setup and is compatible with most of the devices and OS. L2TP stands among the fast VPN encryption methods but not more than an OpenVPN. L2TP and IPsec together can be called a feasible protocol when it comes to security and online privacy.

• What is the use of OpenVPN?

OpenVPN is the most secure VPN protocol recommended by our tech geeks. Unlike other VPN encryption methods, OpenVPN needs a tiresome setup with additional files for configuration. It is an open source technology and can only be installed by a third-party app. An OpenVPN is beneficial for you in several ways.

It is the most reliable and secure connection that can easily get you rid of the backdoors and even NSA. It is capable to bypass Nat firewalls and other censorships and allows you to do P2P file sharing without any hassle. It uses an OpenSSL library for data encryption which may depend upon different algorithms. It is an efficient protocol providing the netizens high-level data defense at faster speed.

Security And Speed – How They Are Related?

Speed and VPN security have an inverse relation. If you want high-level security, it may affect your speed while netizens with the need of fast speed may probably be left vulnerable to attacks due to low security and encryption. Obviously, this happens due to connection with an extra server of VPN for secure connection which leads to consumption of more time than via normal connection.

Most secure VPN is an easy solution for both needs-security and speed. It provides you excellent security and may affect the internet speed to the least. It can resolve such speed and security related issues up to maximum extent to let their users experience full benefits from their chosen VPN provider.

How Security Can Affect Your Browsing?

Your browsing can be affected by the level of VPN security you are using. Talking about VPN security means VPN encryption which is indirectly related to speed. While using a VPN connection, you first need to connect to a VPN server and then to the internet. This makes the route of your internet traffic longer than usual. Encrypting the entire online data, routing it to the VPN server, taking it to the said destination and then decrypting it will definitely take more time.

No matter you are a skilled professional or a normal internet user, the security factor is totally unavoidable. You cannot completely overcome the effect of VPN security and VPN encryption over speed but this can be tackled by opting a most secure VPN service recommended above in the table.

Enjoy Supreme Online Privacy

Security and privacy are the two different aspects. In fact, they are the two ends of a rope. They are connected to each other but both have different meanings. Privacy is creating a private connection of you over internet while security is not being exposed to threats. The most secure VPN is an amalgam of both-the VPN security and your privacy.

Whether you want to browse your favorite geo-restricted sites or stream videos for which you are crazy; best VPN is always here to support your back! It provides you high-level security and supreme privacy over the internet so you may enjoy online freedom of your desire!

Be Safe From Cyber-Criminals

Internet has brought much vulnerability along like hacking and spamming besides benefitting any individual. In fact, the population of these cyber-goons is increasing rapidly in the digital world day by day. In these circumstances, you might get caught by any of the man-in-the-middle attack if you haven’t yet shielded yourself with a tool of VPN.

Most secure VPN is the only need to get off these annoying hackers and spammers that are always finding ways to penetrate into users account. It will guard your privacy and provide you with encrypted tunnel that no one can break through it! Thus all your worries of being hacked are gone with advance encryption which is almost unbreakable!

Bottom Line

Security, anonymity and privacy are the main concerns of netizens nowadays. VPNs are an essential security solution for a netizen. Internet without a VPN is just like an unarmed soldier in the battle. Choosing the most secure VPN among the different VPN giants in the market is way too challenging for one who have a little know-how about VPNs.

With an adequate service which protects your privacy and provides online anonymity, you are totally out of the reach of the cybercriminals, hackers and trackers.

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