Best VPN for Windows 2016 Unblock All Websites


Best VPN for Windows Summary

  • Gain complete anonymity for Windows devices by strong encryption PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP and IKEv2.
  • Protection from known Windows vulnerabilities and Malwares.
  • Secure connection to P2P traffic and accessibility to geo-restricted content media.
  • Fastest connectivity to gaming servers and streaming channels.
  • Evasion from government surveillance and mass monitoring.

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Best VPN for Windows offers greater privacy protocols to protect your anonymity. It will secure your online presence plus act as a passport to access geo-restricted content. Apart from security and privacy concerns from cyber criminals, there are numbers of intelligence agencies like NSA & GCHQ who are constantly monitoring your activities – obviously, you won’t be comfortable with this. VPN Analysis team have evaluated VPN providers to bring the best in term of security and speed. Following list of best Windows VPN in 2016 got high privacy standards, provide access to blocked websites, grants you complete anonymity, without making any compromises on speed.

Let’s secure your online presence by selecting best Windows VPN and keep on enjoying your favorite operating system fearlessly from now on.

Recommended VPN for Windows

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Potential Threat for Online Users

Considering the facts, either you are familiar with current security issues or not, you are an open target of hackers, spammers and different cyber criminals once you are connected to the internet hub. Although being the most user-friendly and widely used operating system, Windows is believed to be more vulnerable to hacking attacks than its alternatives like Mac and Linux based operating system.

However, Windows can become almost invulnerable from cyber attacks, governmental surveillance and other irritating monitoring by cyber-goons and ISP via best vpn software for Windows VPN service. It can grant you passport to unblock websites throughout the planet, avoid censorship issues, unlimited downloading, unlimited bandwidth and seamless connectivity to P2P file sharing & torrenting network.

Rise of the Optimum Operating System

Microsoft, since their first operating system launch in 1985 haven’t looked behind – they easily grabbed the market from Apple’s Mac and pretty soon enjoyed the 90% market share with their all user-friendly operating systems releases year after year with certain time period. Although Mac dragged it way back a bit plus other operating system tried to break the trance created by Microsoft Operating System especially Windows family but the giant still stands tall.

Windows 7 currently own 56% of the operating system’s market while Windows XP 13%, Windows 8.1 has 12%, Windows 8 got nearly 7% and if you include the market share of Windows Vista which is around 2% it combines together almost 90% of the operating system market over the globe.

Expansion of Windows OS

Microsoft’s Windows, the most preeminent contender of operating system world has entered into the grooming markets of servers, smartphones, tablets and embedded devices years ago. Although Microsoft is not leading the market like personal computers and laptops but got a viable presence in every area. With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft’s OS are everywhere including Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for smartphones and tablets – Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 for server side – and Windows embedded 8 for embedded devices.

The bug in the Family

There are certain legacies attached with operating systems of Microsoft, one of them ring a danger alarm; the flaws and bugs in Windows operating system since Windows 95 which allows hackers and spammers to enter your privacy.

In May ’14, a research analyst at IBM discovered a bug which allows hackers to remotely take control of your system. It is a bug of significant vulnerability which is rated 9.3 on CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System). The most shocking thing is that this particular bug was present in Windows operating system for last 19 years since the time of Windows 95.

This is not it, in year 2010 a 17 years old bug was discovered in the kernel of all 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows which could assist hackers to hijack your system. Similarly different bugs and security flaws were discovered and rectified through patches over the years, but still Windows operating systems were favored by 90% of desktop & laptop users. Although, these bugs pose a serious threat to privacy, access through personal document and open ways to your sensitive information but still people find it hard to give up their favorite and most user friendly operating system.

Easy Solution – VPN for Windows

How if we recommend a solution..? A solution that keeps you away from security breaches, hacking risks and spamming vulnerability while using your favorite operating system i.e. Windows by Microsoft.

You are not just vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacking activities when you are connected to worldwide web but also a potential victim of constant monitoring by security and intelligence agencies – each and every activity performed from your side is recorded and scrutinized by NSA, GHCQ or other local & national agencies of your country.

However, the good news is that you can evade hacking as well as monitoring with making any compromises on speed of your internet with best VPN for Windows. A VPN client for Windows establishes a secure and virtually untraceable connection which allows you to surf and browse with complete anonymity – if you are eager to protect your privacy sign up now for the best VPN for Windows.

Advantages of  Best VPN for Windows

There are many more qualities of using VPN for Windows than you can imagine, some of the most prominent features are given here:

  • Cost Advantage

With the help of VPN for Windows, you can connect with your peers sited elsewhere in the planet without paying any extra price. You don’t have need of any additional hardware, ISDN adapters and modems installed with your ISP take care of that.

  • Support for Network Protocol

Windows VPN supports the most widely used networking protocols such as IPX and TCP/IP, which allows you to run any of the applications from a remote location.

  • Accessibility of VPN Protocols

While using best VPN for Windows, you do not require to install additional plug in to support VPN protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec, they are accessible as a integrated feature in the OS. You can simple connect to your VPN for Windows with the help of any of these protocols and go on to access the internet with securely, safely and anonymously 🙂

  • Exceptional Security

You can be rest guarantee of security over Windows while using a VPN. All the latest versions of the OS are laced with new encryption and authentication protocols that only adds strength to its security level.

  • Protected IP Addresses

There is no way out through which any hacker or a third party user is able to track your original IP address, thanks to the mechanism of Windows VPN. All the other user would see is your masked IP address which ultimately protects your identity over the internet.

How to Setup VPN on Windows 7

It is already described in this article that how a VPN works; Virtual Private Network (VPN) hides your actual location and mask your original IP address with a dynamic shared IP from service provider’s pool. This private network transmits and receives data via secure ‘tunnel’ between subscribers’ device and the network (usually protected through encryption).

We will show you the steps to setup a VPN on your Windows 7 operating system in this section. Please note that these steps are to setup Outgoing VPN session, while Incoming session is created to give other devices to access your system. Before setting up a VPN connection you need to a VPN service provider. We have enlisted the best Windows VPN provider above, sign-up for one and setup VPN on your Windows machine within few minutes.


Step by step process to setup VPN on Windows 7
  1. Checkout the IP address and domain name of the network which you will be connected to.
  2. You will receive User Name and Password for the VPN connection. Usually these credentials are sent to you from service provider on your registered email.
  3. Decide which protocol to use; PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN are most popular protocols while double VPN is for enhance security.
  4. From ‘Control Panel’ of your system, go to ‘Network and Internet’ and then select ‘Network and Sharing Center’. From ‘Change your Network Settings’ click on ‘Setup a New Connection or Network’
  5. Now you have to choose a ‘Connection Option’. Select ‘Connect to a Workplace’ and click ‘Next’. In the upcoming option select ‘No’ and create a ‘New Connection’. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.
  6. Now you have to select how to connect; via ‘My Internet Connection (VPN)’ or Direct Dialing. Select first option and you will be asked to provide ‘Internet Address’ and ‘Destination Name’.
  7. Input both ‘Internet Address’ and ‘Destination Name’ provided to you by your ISP or administrator.
  8. Now mark check on the provided options of using ‘Smart Card’ and ‘Connect now’ according to your requirement.
  9. You have to provide credentials now; ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’.
  10. ‘New Connection’ will be available now in once you click Network Icon at System Tray. Click on newly created VPN Connection. You need to re-enter Password if you haven’t selected remember password option.
  11. Click on ‘Properties’ and select ‘Security Properties’. From the drop down list, you can choose desired Protocol and data encryption level. After selection click ‘OK’ and you will be directed back to main VPN connection window.
  12. This will be the final step. Click ‘Connect’ and enjoy safe & secure browsing.


How to Setup VPN on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Although, Windows 7 is still favored by more than 50% of computer users but both Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 are catching up fast. VPN Analysis will show you few easy steps to setup VPN connection on both these versions of Windows. Before setting up a secure connection of VPN, select the best VPN for Windows, which suites your requirement from the list above. Note that the process for setting up secure VPN on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is almost similar.

Step by step process to setup VPN on Windows 8.1

  1. Process begin once you received an email from service provider which includes your credential; User Name and Password. Also, select an appropriate server from the list of VPN servers available in the email or at provider’s website.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ of your operating system. Search ‘VPN’ and select ‘Setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection’ from the retrieved search results.
  3. Once you have click on it, your OS will redirect you to another Windows, where you have to click on ‘Setup a New Connection or Network’.
  4. Now select a connection option. Choose ‘Connect to a Workplace’
  5. Select ‘Use my Internet Connection (VPN)’ as you will be using VPN service through internet.
  6. Now select ‘Server’ and ‘VPN Connection Name’. Server can be selected from the list at provider’s website while input VPN Connection Name according to your will. Once you are done hit ‘Create’.
  7. A new ‘VPN Connection’ will be created now. Go to ‘Connection Properties’ by right-clicking ‘Connection Icon’.
  8. Now select your desired encryption protocol from ‘Security Tab’. PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN encryption options will be available in the dropdown list.
  9. Access the ‘VPN Connection’ you have just created on your Windows. Provide ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ in the appropriate fields and Click ‘Connect Now’.
  10. Great..! You are now connected to a secure tunnel VPN connection. Enjoy anonymous surfing.

Bugs and flaws in Windows operating system would allow hackers and cyber criminals to grab on to your sensitive data while you go online on the internet through your original identification i.e. Internet Protocol (IP) address and original location. Best VPN for Windows hides your original IP and location by replacing it with a one of theirs, protecting you from all kind of monitoring and hacking attacks – only best Windows VPN let you use your favorite operating system without letting your privacy and security in jeopardy.

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