VPNArea Review 2016

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VPNArea Review


  • 5-Simultaneous Connections
  • Dedicated Apps for almost all major platforms
  • 7-days money back guarantee
  • BitCoin accepted
  • Based in Bulgaria (No DRD)
  • Diversified network of servers
  • Plentyof DNS servers
  • Highly compatible with all major OS and Devices


  • No Free trial

VPNArea is a VPN provider that is owned by an Offshore Security LTD Company which is registered in Bulgaria but conducting their operations from Switzerland.  It claims to be a no-log VPN service that enjoys the freedom of being away from EU DRD and Fourteen-Eyes surveillance due to its ideal location. And that is why they are not bound to keep logs of their users.

VPNArea offers features like Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection, Auto IP changer, Anti WebRTC Leak system. It offers 5-simultaneous connections on a single account. However, the most appealing fact about VPNArea is that it does not oversell its service and provides excellent 1:3 server ratio which is way above average as compared to other top VPN services in the market.

VPN Analysis brings you detailed VPNArea review to enlighten users with their services. Also included subscription packages, server locations, compatibility, customer support and supported protocols.

Pricing Plan

Presently, VPNArea uses one-package approach which means that the package differs only in terms of length of subscription with the same set of features in all. However, the only difference that exists is in its one-month plan which lacks the Dedicated IP option. It is available in 6-months and 1-year plan. Overall, all the proposed plans will grant you access to all the VPNArea servers. It also provides a 7-days money-back guarantee, 5 Simultaneous connections. It also provides an unlimited bandwidth range which is quite a good deal.

• Yearly Plan

VPNArea offers its Annual package at a rate as low as $ 4.91/month which is very economical. This package will save 49% of your money when compared to other plans. You just have to make your transaction once by paying a cost of $59. It set yourself free to enjoy unlimited torrenting, streaming and gaming with an uninterrupted connection with good speed for the whole year.

• 6-Months Plan

The semi-annual package can be obtained at a rate of $ 8.33/month which is a little expensive than 1-Year plan and will collectively cost you a payment of $ 50. This clearly shows that the best package in terms of discount would be the Annual Package in which you can save more.

• Monthly Plan

The Monthly package of VPNArea is priced at $ 9.90/month which is costly than the other two suggested plans. However, it can be beneficial for users who are travelling somewhere for a little time and just want to get around geo-restrictions.

Payment Method

Although there are few payment options offered by VPNArea but all the provided methods are thus commonly used including the most anonymous payment system that is Bitcoin. You can also make your transactions via other methods that include PayPal, Payza and Credit Card option such as MasterCard or Visa.

7-days Money back Guarantee

VPNArea offers 7-days money back guarantee with all of their subscription plans to test their services and features. Although there is no free trial but users can make full use of their product within 7-days of purchase by making payment once. In case you are not satisfied with VPNArea services within the first week, you can get refunded in full.

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Servers & their Locations

VPNArea offers around 190+ servers in 54+ countries worldwide and continuously increasing the server count every month at different VPN locations to make its VPN network stronger. Some of the important locations include: United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, Indonesia and many more.

It was good to see server status page under the “Members” section that displays information related to number of users’ online, server status, supported protocols, location and IP address of each server. This way you can easily connect or switch between the servers from the VPN software unlimited times which you find less-populated and closest to your proximity in order to get the best connectivity.

VPNArea Software

VPNArea has named their Windows and Mac client as VPNArea Chameleon which is completely enriched with features like Kill Switch, Auto IP Changer, Anti IPv6 and DNS leak protection, auto-updates and many more. It has a user-friendly interface and easy to navigate. It’s OpenVPN based software  is supported on Windows (10, 8, 7 and Vista) and Mac OSX Yosemite, El Capitan, Mavericks and Lion. However, they have plans to bring Linux apps too as you can see below in the banner provided on their website:

VPNArea Compatibility

Prominent Features

VPNArea is fully feature-packed VPN provider which is although new in the VPN industry but has excited many users by offering such decent security features. These features include:

• Auto IP Swapping

With Auto-IP changing feature you just need to compile a list of servers and set a time period in minutes. Set a time period of 5 minutes than your IP will be switched randomly after every 5 minutes. This function is perfect for advertising reasons or to test which server provides you the best connectivity.

• Anti-DNS Leak

All the DNS requests that you made can easily be seen by your ISP. Although they cannot see what you are doing on the website but they can surely monitor which website are you accessing over the internet. This is called DNS leak. VPNArea services provide an anti-DNS leak solution by offering a handful of DNS servers. You can manually configure in your Chameleon client settings. Thus by manually changing your DNS server you can protect your IP leakages.

• Anti WebRTC system

WebRTC feature can expose your real IP address despite of using a VPN. This feature can affect your Windows browsers and ultimately unveil the website IP address you are accessing. VPNArea brings you Anti WebRTC system add-on which can hide your actual IP from being exposed publicly and thus guarantee you complete privacy.

• Dedicated IP

VPNArea offers “Dedicated IP” add-on at a cost for as low as $ 15 which comes with a bonus of Private VPN server. This means by having a dedicated IP and private server only you will enjoy the services of that particular server. Get benefitted with the services at maximum speed and performance.

• Unlimited Bandwidth

There is no limitation upon VPNArea users for bandwidth consumption. VPNArea provide full freedom to download, upload or stream with no worries of being throttled ever. However, bear in mind that they only allow legal torrenting on all of their servers except those located in USA, UK, Sweden, France, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Australia and are strictly against all sort of copyright infringement activities.

• Multi-logins

High device compatibility and simultaneous connections gives VPNarea a good edge in the VPN market. With VPNArea you can simultaneously connect to 5 different devices using a single VPN account. Thus, apart from making your overall Wi-Fi connections secure for your family, you can also connect all of your other devices to VPNArea as well.

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VPNArea is compatible with all the versions of Windows, Mac OS X (Lion, Leopard, Yosemite and Mavericks), Linux, iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android, Windows Phones and plethora of routers and browsers. It can work with DD-WRT and Tomato routers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. The native VPNArea Chameleon client is only available for Windows and Mac yet. Though soon you will be seeing their app for Linux as well. Other than that, you can also download iOS and Android from their respective app stores.

Security and Privacy

VPNArea provides an excellent security keeping in view the online privacy of their customers remains intact. They make their customers happy with complete set of features. It also assures a zero log policy. You can further read about their privacy and security in our VPNArea Review:

• Protocols and Encryption

VPNArea under pins the standard set of protocols including PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN to encrypt your data traffic. OpenVPN is the most secure protocol than PPTP and L2TP and thus supports both AES and 256-bit encryption. Although L2TP has the identical properties as OpenVPN protocol. It it is not supported on all the VPNArea servers due to lack of versatility.  PPTP is though the fastest of all the protocols due to low encryption. It is the ideal option for stream and torrent lovers who just want to mask their IP address.

Technically speaking, OpenVPN and L2TP protocols uses 256-bit encryption key. It considered as military-graded encryption to make your data completely secure and encrypted from the prying eyes.

• Logs & Privacy Policy

VPNArea has clearly defined their logging policy that they do not store any kind of users log. Though except their login details that are required during the sign up process. It is true because the company has data centers in Switzerland which do have data retention laws. But it does not apply to VPNs thankfully. Privacy of users is 100% secure as no kind of data is ever monitored or recorded.

Customer Support

There are three different modes offered by VPNArea to stay connected with their clients. These includes:  Live Chat, Skype and Email.  Their Live Chat offline for quite a long time and contacted them via email to get answer for all of our queries.  Users get three email addresses for different purposes that are categorized as technical, sales and management. Check out these email address from the image below:

VPNArea Customer Support

Further for non-technical VPN users who don’t want to get indulge in complicated configuration or setup can contact their support remotely via TeamViewer while easy setup tutorial for Windows, Linux (Ubuntu and others), Mac OS X, Android, Windows mobile and iOS (iPad, iPhone) are also incorporated in the “Members” area which requires users’ authentication first to login.

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The website of VPNArea is simple and easy to navigate. It also guide users with all the information related to VPNArea pricing plans, customer services and server network right.  Service updates are also available under the section of “Blog” besides detailed FAQ’s section that contains all the general information related to VPNArea. This is how the website looks like:

VPNArea Review


We will conclude our VPNArea review by stating that it has proved itself to be the premium VPN service.  It is fully packed with all the amazing and attractive features. These features include internet Kill Switch, DNS leak protection, 5 Simultaneous connections.  It also includes diversified server network along with unlimited server switching option which really works like a charm. Therefore we will only say that if you are looking for a VPN that guarantees complete no log policy, provides cross-platform compatibility, high level encryption, excellent OS client and dedicated customer support, than VPNArea is definitely worth giving a try!

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  1. VPN Area – Poor Client support, “7 Day Money back” is a waste of time. They do not reply to your emails or requests. No option to cancel in members area.
    Now for service: Very poor members area, they use native OpenVPN app for ios. They do not support socks5 proxy, they do not support Openelec VPN.

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