How to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside UK with Best VPN

Update 1st September 2016: TheBBC legally requires a TV license to either watch or download the live streaming, catch up or on demand BBC programs on BBC iPlayer. It has opted a way to ask website visitors to confirm their TV license by clicking on a button “I have a TV license, Watch now” for accessing BBC iPlayer. However, the BBC has currently no plans to ask visitors to enter license details to log the service and is maintaining a trust-based service.

Update 2nd September 2016:The BBC has denied implementing mass surveillance technique to catchthe unlicensedTV watchers.

Accessing BBC iPlayer UK would bring you a whole new world of online entertainment. But sadly the service uses Geo-IP blocking technique to block no-license payer outside UK.Additionally, BBC has also started blocking VPN services since last October to prevent VPNs for granting easy access to the services of BBC. However, our VPN Analysis team has analyzed and listed 5 best VPN for BBC iPlayer that seems to be perfect for hopping over the region-based barriers.

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Here is everything you need to know about BBC iPlayer, how it affects you and how you can unblock BBC iPlayer easily.

Why is everybody talking about BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer is an online streaming website where you can find the best television programs produced by the BBC. The BBC has a history of producing some of the best television programs, and BBC iPlayer is the one-stop-destination where you can find them all.

BBC iPlayer is a lot like YouTube. However, unlike YouTube, it only puts up the best programs. The video library is updated frequently and you can always trust it to give you some quality entertainment whenever you feel bored – that is why more and more people are interested to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK.

How does BBC iPlayer know that I am not in the UK?

The BBC iPlayer website is designed to scan website visitors’ IP addresses. Even though every IP address is unique, it is still headed by a country code which is unique to each country. The system working in the background of the BBC iPlayer website scans the IP addresses and picks out the country code. If the country code shows that the visitor is trying to access the website from outside of the UK, let’s say Australia or Canada the website does not allow the videos to stream. Thus you don’t get to watch BBC iPlayer and will encounter the following message stating:

watch bbc iplayer outside uk

How can I unblock BBC iPlayer Outside UK?

BBC iPlayer is a big hit in the UK. Everybody in the UK loves it because they can watch their favorite programs on the BBC iPlayer all the time. But it doesn’t work outside the UK. If you are travelling outside the UK or don’t live in the UK, you can unblock BBC iPlayer through a VPN!

BBC iPlayer is famous in USA, so as the question ‘how to watch BBC iPlayer in USA’ – solution resides in VPN. Once you activate your VPN, your IP address gets cloaked by the IP address of the VPN server. So if you connect to a VPN server in the UK, you will get a UK IP address. Using a VPN will allow you to fool the IP address scanning system at BBC iPlayer website and you will be able to enjoy the videos on the website without any hassle.

Can I Watch BBC iPlayer On My PC/Mac/Smart TV/Smartphone/Tablet Using A VPN?

Yes! You can unblock and watch BBC iPlayer outside UK on any device you want. VPNs are very easy to use and even more easy to setup. Most VPNs for BBC iPlayer offer cool software that you can install. That way you can unblock BBC iPlayer by activating the VPN software.

If you have never used a VPN before or are worried about using a new VPN, then you can try out the detailed tutorials that are offered by the VPN providers for your device. Since access to BBC iPlayer is frequently demanded by VPN customers, VPN service providers are always ready to provide users detailed setup tutorials through customer support.

Will watching BBC iPlayer outside UK affect my streaming experience?

Using a VPN will not ruin your streaming experience. Also, BBC iPlayer is a very sophisticated website that ensures the delivery of an ideal streaming experience for users. You will be able to enjoy HD videos on the BBC iPlayer website without any hassles or problems.

BBC iPlayer is not like conventional websites so you won’t get bogged down by heavy data traffic. The website is very basic and very user-friendly. Think of it as a dynamic television channel instead of a traditional website.

Do I have to pay anything to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK

As from September 1 2016 announcement, the BBC iPlayer will require UK viewers to pay for a TV license fee of worth £145.50. Also the site will ask visitors to stream its content after getting trust-based assurance from the option “I have a TV License, Watch now”. Check out how this message looks like:

unblock bbc iplayer

But the best part about unblocking BBC iPlayer is that it is completely free when accessing it via best VPN for BBC iPlayer! Once you have used a VPN to unblock BBC iPlayer, you will not have to pay anything at any point. You can sit back and browse through the vast video library and enjoy quality programs by the BBC!

BBC iPlayer is loaded with premium features. For example you can switch on sub-titles if you are having problems understanding the language in the video (ideal for people who are not mainly English speakers). Also, a lot of content is available in High Definition (HD) which means that you high quality television programs for free!

Would VPN allow me to watch BBC iPlayer in USA

Of course..! VPN services to unblock BBC iPlayer are designed to by-pass geographical boundaries, with a VPN you can easily watch BBC iPlayer in USA and not just in United States but from anywhere in the world. No matter what your location is; VPN allow you unblock BBC iPlayer. Enlisted VPN service providers on have expertise in delivering the high-definition, uninterrupted streaming of BBC iPlayer.

Watch Rio Olympics on BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer will be covering the most awaited sporting event of this year, Rio Olympics 2016. More than 3000 hours of non-stop entertainment will be aired from Friday 5th August 2016. BBC will broadcast the entire event on their channels; BBC One and BBC FourViewers can live stream BBC sports websites via BBC iPlayer outside UK. For viewers’ residing outside UK, VPN seems the best solution to evade geo-restriction and enjoy Rio 2016 from anywhere on the globe.

Don’t miss the second biggest sporting event on the planet; 42 different sports will continue for 16 days starting from its opening ceremony at 11:35 PM GMT. You can render the service of best VPN to access BBC iPlayer outside UK for ultra-fast streaming of Rio 2016 games at HD quality; most secure and efficient mean to access geographically restricted BBC iPlayer.

What Else Can I Do With A VPN?

People around the world use VPNs to unblock websites to watch movies, play games on multiplayer, bypass government restrictions, and lots more!

A VPN is the complete online freedom solution! With a VPN, you can unblock many other websites in addition to the BBC iPlayer. This includes websites like NetflixHulu, CBS, The CW, Pandora, Sky Go, HBO, HBO Go and many more.

A VPN gives you control over the VPN server that you tunnel to. So if you can’t access a website because it is only accessible for internet users from country XYZ, you can simply select a VPN server from country XYZ and you will be able to unblock the website immediately.

I am hooked on a British TV series. Where can I watch it from?

BBC produces world class television programs all the time. But a lot of people don’t get to watch these programs because these programs are usually designed especially for people living in the UK. So they are uploaded on BBC iPlayer from where people living in the UK can enjoy them through live streaming or download them to watch later.

If you are hooked on a British television program, then the BBC iPlayer is the perfect place for you to catch up on your favorite program. The website keeps getting updated with the latest episodes every day so that you never get bored and always have something new to come to and enjoy whenever you visit the site.


Now you now the best VPN for BBC iPlayer so you can easily hop over the geo-restrictions imposed by the BBC and ditch them without having a TV license. Thus VPN are the compulsory tools especially for expats and travellers who don’t want to miss the streaming experience on BBC iPlayer.

So once you start using a fastest VPN service for BBC iPlayer from the table above, you will never be able to use the internet without a VPN because you will realize the unlimited potential of the internet. You will be able to enjoy entertainment and social media from across the globe and you can even get discounts when shopping online if you use it cleverly!


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  1. My expressvpn service does not allow you to play BBC iPlayer it comes up saying network not available, but i can log into websites so there is a network.

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