Best VPN for iPad 2016 to Reclaim your Online Privacy


Solution to Known Issues

  • Prevention against all iPad vulnerabilities like the YiSpecter, Darwin Nuke, Date Bug and the Masque Attacks safeguarding your sensitive data and your memorable captures.
  • Get connected to the public Wi-Fi hotspots without allowing anyone to snoop at your private data and information from the backdoors.
  • Go anonymous while browsing and restrain the third-parties from logging, stealing and tampering your internet connection.

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The all famous iOS used in Apple’s iPad is troubled by number of security threats during last year including WireLurker, Oleg Pliss Ransom Case, XcodeGhost and SSL Flaw. Although Apple claimed its iOS as completely secured platform but the stats shows a different story; the iOS platform comes with security breaches and vulnerabilities that might compromise your documents, photos, videos, login credentials and other confidential information stored on your iPad. Best VPN for iPad presents a feasible solution to restrict hackers and malware from locating your device.

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Beside this, best iPad VPN app grants you accessibility to blocked domains, unlimited bandwidth and downloading freedom. Checkout the listed best VPN for iPad in 2016 ideal to avoid vulnerability present in iPad OS.

Recommended VPN for iPad in 2016

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iPad is the most popular tablet produced by Apple Inc. It has iOS operating system which enables you to enjoy more than 475,000 apps. It was initially released in 2010 and since its inception around 200 Million iPads have been sold. After the success of iPad (1st generation), Apple Inc. has launched five more versions. The latest models, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 were released in October 2014. These devices have Touch ID sensor, tech experts count it among the biggest technological enhancement made by Apple Inc. – Touch ID sensor physically secure the tablet.

Our tech team at VPN Analysis has examined various leading VPN service provider and short-listed 5 best VPN for iPad. Respective best iPad VPN apps are evaluated primary by their protection methodology; including level of encryption they offer. We have also assessed the number and location of their VPN secure servers, number of active IP address offered by VPN providers and of course provided benefits against the cost by the best iPad VPN provider. Above derived list is generated by in-depth analysis of our research experts, rending the services of any listed best VPN for iPad ensures your privacy and complete anonymity.

Why Best VPN for iPad is Required..?

In terms of operating system bugs and loopholes, iOS is statistically more secure than windows but IT experts believe that iPad may exposed to security threats while using public network – Hackers can access your personal contacts, pictures, chat logs or online shopping applications when you get connected to Wi-Fi from your schools, universities, cafes, airports or any other public place. But you don’t have to worry about security breaches anymore; we are here for your assistance. We analyze various solutions accordingly and come up with best VPNs for iPad.

Best VPN for iPad – ExpressVPN (Editor’s Choice)

We are in practice to evaluate the service performance, speed and consistency of VPN providers. It is done by our tech experts but nothing stands as strong as positive user feedbacks. ExpressVPN is ranked on top due to optimistic comments received from current subscribers of ExpressVPN. Equipped with high-end ultra fast 100+ servers located in 78 countries, ExpressVPN dominates the industry by providing fantastic customer support services at minimal response time.

Its yearly subscription comes with 30-days money back guarantee and available at 35% discounted rates on VPN Analysis. Easiest registration process and simplest software client assist ExpressVPN to fulfill their committed service promise. Dedicated app is available for free on iTunes, which features a graphical server map for iOS (iPhone & iPad) users’ allowing you to connect quickly via desired server location.


Use of VPN on iPad brings freedom from Geographical Restrictions

Another brilliant feature of using VPN on iPad is; when you get connected with best iPad VPN you will be free to browse or download whatever you need. Best VPN on iPad mask your original IP address with their pool of reserved IPs belonging from certain region. These reserved IP were assigned from number of servers located around the globe which assists you to connect through your desired location. Once you logged from a particular regional or country’s IP address, you can access all web streaming content or other media allowed in that region which were previously inaccessible from your current location.

This is not just it from best VPN for iPad, if you are out of your country and don’t want to miss your favorite programs, with VPN on iPad you can visit geo-restricted sites and easily watch your favorite shows or listen to music. Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, HBO, Spotify, MTV, ABC Family, Comedy Central and many more are easily accessible with best iPad VPN app, even if you are at a digging location in Africa – all you need is an Internet connection and subscription to any of the above mentioned best iPad VPN – all will be accessible.

Use VPN on iPad to unblock P2P file sharing & restricted sites

In this era of drastic technological advancement you need to have access on P2P File Sharing as you can download anything you just have to name it; favorite movies, music albums, books, games, video lectures, study material and everything. As you are aware some material on P2P networks violates copyright act, most of the countries have blocked P2P (Peer to Peer) File Sharing software like uTorrent, BitTorrent, and Vuze. But that is not a big deal for iPad VPN Client, best iPad VPN app can unblock P2P file sharing without compromising the download/upload speed by using the protected VPN protocols. Not just this, but best VPN for iPad provides you freedom from any restriction on downloading limit and enables you to enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

Furthermore you may also face problems while surfing your favorite sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or any other restricted sites but all these blocked sites would be accessible by using best iPad VPN app.

How does Best VPN for iPad work?

Best VPN for iPad prevents all the security threats from harming your personal device. VPN app is specially designed to encrypt your data by using PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and OpenVPN encryption protocols. Best iPad VPN are considered to provide utmost protection as these are made on SSL/TLS encryption algorithm. Also, they follow AES (Advance Encryption Standards) that has no major vulnerability. Best VPN for iPad gives you a masked IP address and route all data through a secure tunnel. In other words best VPN for iPad aids you to hide your original IP so that no one can detect your actual identity and location while providing accessible to blocked website and P2P networks.

Security Concerns for iPad

A group of software developers known as “Goatse Security” hacked 114,000 iPad users by breaching an ordinary security code of iPad. They exposed the private stuff of celebrities and government officials by releasing their personal data including videos and pictures. Best iPad VPN app ensures protection of your device by encrypting and tunneling your data while using internet. The good news for iPad VPN Clients is that the VPN technology works on the default mechanism which automatically secured your device for hacking attacks i.e. to IP masking. Once you are connected to the Internet hub via iPad VPN app it will hide your original IP address with one from its own pool.

How to configure PPTP, L2TP & IPSec VPN on iPad?

It takes only a few steps to configure VPN on your iPad using PPTP, L2TP and IPSec encryption protocol. First we will demonstrate on ‘how to add/configure VPN’ on your device, then how you can activate/deactivate it for normal usage.

Steps to configure VPN on iPad

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ on your iPad and tap on ‘General’ category. You will see ‘Network’ option over there.
  2. Tap on ‘Network’ option and select ‘VPN’ – here you will see an option to ‘Add VPN Configuration’, tap on it.
    Note: If you intent to configure multiple VPN services on your iPad, you can use this feature multiple times.
  3. Now you have to select the preferred encryption protocol, you can select from PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and IPSec (Cisco IPSec) from here.

Configuring VPN on iPad - PPTP, L2TP & IPSec

  1. In next step, setup will ask for VPN credentials – enter details ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ given by the VPN provider. Usually these credentials came on your registered email address. Few VPN services also provide preferred VPN server to connect initially. Though, user can switch server later through VPN app.
  2. You will find here an option to switch off proxy in the bottom of settings page. If you use a proxy, don’t forget to enable it.
  3. Tap on ‘Save’. You just completed configuration of VPN on your iPad.
  4. Now, to activate/deactivate VPN – go to ‘Settings’ again.
  5. Within main Settings section, you will see a ‘VPN’ option. Toggle the On/Off switch according to your requirement.

How to configure OpenVPN on your iPad

Note: If you phone doesn’t connect to a VPN or an error message pops-up, re-check from VPN settings that all info is entered correctly.

How to configure OpenVPN on your iPad?

OpenVPN is recommended by our tech experts due to its 256-bits security and minimal speed reduction of your internet bandwidth. Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t offer OpenVPN protocol in their default list. iPad users’ have to go for a third-party application from iTunes.

Steps to configure OpenVPN on iPad

  1. From Apple’s app store search for the official ‘OpenVPN Connect’ app – install it on your iPad.

You will need OpenVPN configuration files and certification bundles. Best VPN providers like Express VPN offer these certificate bundles on their official website. Users’ can easily download it from there – these configuration files represent different server in VPN provider network. You can select the config file of a particular server location.

  1. Connect your iPad with your system, go to iTunes and select connected device. From the apps section you can copy a required files including ‘.ovpn’, certificates and other configuration file – these are mandatory to get connected via OpenVPN protocol. Now you can connect to a VPN through app. This is manual method.


The other method is through importing profile. You can also configure your VPN within OpenVPN connect app, you have to import a profile of ‘.ovpn’. Once you launch the OpenVPN Connect app after this, all your applications on iPad will connect via VPN.

  1. In OpenVPN Connect app tap on ‘+’ button in the right bottom. Enter ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’ provided by your VPN service. Status will be ‘Disconnected’ at this moment, when you finish entering credentials switch ‘On’ the ‘Connection’.
  2. Great..! if you perform every step as mentioned in this setup. Status shown will be ‘Connected’ now and you are free to roam across all geo-restricted websites.

What’s new in iOS 9 for VPN users..?

Although iOS 7 has excellent support for VPN services, but it even got improved in later versions iOS 8 and upcoming iOS 9 (according to tech experts). Beta version of iOS 9 is already around, first stable and complete version is expected in this September, 2015. Popular encryption protocols like PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and Cisco IPSec are integrated by default. All you need is a quality VPN service provider to go anonymous. However, If you wish to connect via OpenVPN, its method is bit different, explained in the later section of this article.

Before configuring VPN on your iOS device, please make sure you have all the credentials, information and settings of your VPN service provider. Few network carrier won’t allow mobile accessibility to a VPN, few might limit your VPN 3G connectivity – don’t forget to check on it before configuring VPN account on your iPad. In releases prior to iOS 8 VPN gets automatically disconnected when your device goes into sleep mode, but now your iPad will remain connected even when screen turns off so you don’t have to re-connect again and again.

Why to use best VPN for iPad?

Your tablet might have abundant of personal data: financial information, important emails, photos, messenger chat history and more.  Best VPNs for iPad encrypt all the outgoing data of your device to protect your online security and privacy, making it almost impossible for hackers and cyber criminals to breach your confidential zone. Best iPad VPN also grants complete liberty to access all blocked websites and geo-restricted content media. In accordance to the issues highlighted in this article best VPN for iPad seems most adequate option for privacy protection and ultimate anonymity.

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