Best VPN in Singapore for 2016 – Stay Anonymous


Solution to Known Issues

  • Circumvent the Singapore’s MDA strict internet privacy laws and regimes that gradually tighten the grip over the online activities of netizens.
  • Beat off the geographically restricted barriers, censorships and filtrations over the content on most popular websites like Netflix, BBC, HBO etc.
  • Disguise your identity and actual location by masking your actual IP address.
  • Stay away of the cybercriminals, malwares, DPI and ISP throttles in order to protect your credentials and private information.

Singapore is considered among the ‘Most Innovative Countries of the World’ but all that innovation lately is being used to curb the Freedom of Netizens. Increasing list of blocked websites and copyright infringement notices are adding to the tribulations of already suppressed internet users. In this choking environment all one wants is a solution that brings freedom and security at a minimum cost.

Well, my Singaporean friends, there is nothing to worry about, because for a problem so complex, solution is fairly simple. All you need is a Singapore VPN connection and you will be able to bypass all geo-restrictions and dodge all legal persecutions. If you are not aware of what VPN is then this article will assist you about all the HOWs and WHATs;  if you are already familiar with VPN then all you have to do is to choose a VPN provider from below mentioned list of 5 best VPN for Singapore and start surfing fearlessly.

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Censorship in Singapore

Singapore is amongst the countries with a high level of Internet usage, around 82.5% of its population uses internet; furthermore Singapore offers World’s 4th highest broadband speed. But concerned authorities of Singapore are steadily stifling internet freedom up to the point that “Freedom House” rates Singapore “Not Free” as of report 2013.

Even 2015 press report by the Freedom House says that the surveillance condition in Singapore is still the same as that in 2013. The People’s Action Party (PAP) has been dominated since 1959 owning and controlling nearly all broadcast media outlets, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), print, and cable television services in collaboration with state or companies having close ties with them.

Role of People’s Action Party

Ruling governing authority of Singapore the People’s Action Party (PAP) is in power since 1959; it is known to victimize political opponents and critics. PAP uses a variety of different laws to implement its policy, for instance, Defamation Act, Internet Security Act, Newspaper and Printing Presses Act, and Sedition Act. With so many complex laws and a judicial system which is known to give pro government verdicts, one gets a picture of what Netizens are dealing with in Singapore. Result is the lowest vote count for PAP in last elections since its inception.

Media Development Authority

Singapore’s regulatory Media Development Authority (MDA) keeps a close eye on Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet Content Providers (ICPs) and all website who truck with propagation or discussion of political, ethnic and religious affairs surrounding Singapore’s demographics. Such websites by law are required to submit tens of thousands of dollars as licensing fees and are subject to Government control and are required to remove banned content within 24 hours of notice. What can be banned? Anything that undermines Racial and Religious harmony, who determines?MDA itself, so much for transparency.

Copyright Infringement Laws

Singapore also has stern copyright laws and is a signatory of Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  In Singapore copyright infringement is pursued under civil action and often settled in damages. But infringement becomes a criminal offence when such copied materials are reproduced, sold, stored, acquired for the intention of distribution and other commercial activities.

Anyone found guilty of using pirated software or downloading copyrighted content is liable for a six months sentence and can be fined up to SG$20,000 (approx. 15,000 US$) for first infringement; also they can be sentenced up to 3 years and fined up to SG$50,000 (approx. 37,000 US$) for repeated infringements. Meanwhile MDA’s most common tool to curb infringements is web blocking.

Major infringement Incidents in Past

  • Legal persecutions from Odex

Odex Pte. Ltd. is a company that issue licenses for anime pertaining to regional utilization. Since 2007 Odex is on a hunting expedition against BitTorrent users in Singapore and is constantly tracking down such users and sending them legal notices. Legal proceeding against those who had downloaded Odex’s copyrighted anime via torrent have led many individuals to out of court settlements for amounts starting form SG$3,000 (approx. 2,250 US$). Even a 9 year old kid has received a legal notice.

  • Dallas Buyers Club Controversy

Many Netizens who have downloaded the Oscar winning film “Dallas Buyers Club” have received legal notices. These notices were regarded as scam at first but later on, they were discovered to be suppressing the illegal movie downloading in Singapore, requiring them to pay the damages within three days after receiving the lawsuits. BitTorrent websites are specially being monitored to track down any unwanted downloading. Not to anyone’s surprise “Pirate Bay” a famous torrent downloading website has already been banned.

How do they Track Infringements

Software known as “Web Bots” are being used that performs automated (simple and structurally repetitive) tasks over the internet. This software scans online user’s hard drives for copyrighted material which is downloaded illegally.

After detection, individual who downloaded such material is tracked down via IP address. Copyright infringement notices then are served to individuals and ISPs to pay damages or face legal proceedings. Odex also uses such methods to detect infringements.

Such a situation when you are deprived of freedom over the web, knowing whatever you do is being under surveillance can be really very creepy. Opting for the best Singapore VPN from the aforementioned list will save you from the hassle of doing thorough research from numerous VPN services in the market.

Protection against Cyber Attacks

According to Asia Pacific Defense Outlook 2016, Singapore has been ranked as one of the top 5 Asian countries, by global network Deloitte, that have higher risk of being a potential target of cyber-attacks. They use latest methods to hack and breach a system and all your personal data is exposed to these cybercriminals. So, grab your chosen VPN immediately and don’t get hacked!

I haven’t done anything wrong, am I safe..!

Because there are more internet users compared to available IP addresses; hence, often a single IP address can be allotted to different users in a day. Furthermore, an IP address can only determine an account holder not the specific user who indulged in illegal activity, it’s not impossible to use a friend’s or colleague’s account to do the illegal downloads. This gets even complex when an IP address is associated to a router for LAN because then it is much more difficult to establish which computer is used for downloading.

Hence an individual who hasn’t done anything wrong can also find himself trapped due to complexity of IP address allotment or someone else’s mischief. So my advice will be ‘Better Safe than Sorry’.

VPN Service in Singapore

Here comes your solution, a VPN connection, which provides you a cover from any legal troubles and offers you access to all the blocked or geo-restricted sites. So what is a VPN? And how does it perform these magical tricks? VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an internet service that switches your IP address and because as you have read, all this cat-and-mouse game is based on detecting IP addresses, so switching IP address provides a solid solution. Algorithms of VPN services are so adept that they protect you from any surveillance, monitoring, hacking and malware; therefore you can enjoy P2P sharing without any fear.

A VPN connection basically connects you to a remote server and allots you a different IP then your own IP. Because the allotted IP doesn’t belong to you so it makes tracking impossible. Furthermore VPN builds an encrypted channel from your device to a remote server and sends data through that channel, so it not only protects you from surveillance by government or corporations but also from hacking and malwares.

Features of best VPN for Singapore

Among the flock of many VPNs, it’s hard to find the one best for your need or purpose. To make your decision easier we have listed 5 best VPN for Singapore and jotted down below some of their key features that are must-have for experiencing amazing online freedom.

  • Sprawled Network of servers

Widespread server location offered by the best VPN for Singapore is an added perk which provides servers in all the major locations including UK, USA, Canada, Australia and China etc.Thus you can connect to the server close to your proximity area and you get access to all the desired geo-restricted areas without facing lags and buffering.

  • Hi-tech P2P Servers

Best VPN for Singapore will grant you optimized Hi-tech P2P servers to improve your torrenting and P2P filesharing experience. Thus you can enjoy downloading torrents at high speed without imposition of bandwidth caps and ISP throttling.

  • No log policy

All the browsing history and data logs of users are stored in hi-tech servers by some VPN which may be anytime sold to the third parties. Best VPN for Singapore keeps no log of user and promises to maintain the privacy and security of users undamaged.

Other Benefits of using Singapore VPN service

By using VPN in Singapore you not only can benefit from torrent downloading but you can also visit all the blocked and geo-restricted sites as these restrictions too depend on IP addresses. Which means you can enjoy online entertainment platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Go, Pandora etc. As the list of blocked website are a growing trend in Singapore and media streaming websites from US and EU are often geo-restricted, it is a valuable advantage to have a Singapore VPN connection to get rid of all such restrictions. A VPN connection not only works on PC but also on other devices like iPads, Tablets, Routers, Smart phones etc.

Moreover, your Singapore VPN will also keep your security and privacy intact. It will set you free from deep packet inspection (DPI) of the Internet Service Providers who utilizes this technique to monitor accessed websites by the users. While it also prevents you from identity theft while using public Wi-Fi hotspots and save users personal information from the snooping eyes of hackers or man-in-the-middle-attack.

That’s not all; VPN for Singapore will also help you while playing online games by reducing the ping rate. Usually online gamers are more likely interested in playing online games internationally or far from their regions. But that may ultimately lead them to experience high ping and latency issues. In such circumstances VPN for Singapore will provide you servers close to the gaming servers which will help in reducing the ping time and thus you can utterly defeat the online gaming competitions by experiencing the lag-free gameplay.


If you are living in Singapore then you are subject to harsh copyright infringement laws and censorship of free speech. Any deviation from the strict code of conduct can land you deep in trouble. Using VPN in Singapore shields you from surveillance, phishing, hacking, malware etc. in addition you can also enjoy all the geo-restricted website like Netflix and HBO Go.

Singapore VPN Service not only gives you privacy and protection but it also keeps lagging to a minimum, less than 10% precisely, and because Singapore has a pretty high broadband speed even with 10% lagging you can still have a seamless internet experience. Hope you get it!

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