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  • 3-simultaneous connections
  • No logging policy
  • 14-days refund policy
  • Superb customer support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited server switches
  • Supports BitCoin


  • No free trial

BlackVPN was originally a Netherlands based provider that stepped into the VPN industry in 2009. Later in order to maximize the security of their clients the company shifted its location to Hong Kong in 2012. This indicates about how much concerned the BlackVPN is for the security and privacy of their clients.

With their proactive service and a strong social media presence, BlackVPN is honest and sought after VPN service we have reviewed in a long time. Read on this BlackVPN review on VPN Analysis to get the exact idea about their high-in demand services, attractive pricing plans, policies, features and compatibility.

BlackVPN – Pricing Plans

BlackVPN offers a wide range of subscription plans that are categorized in a way that helps users in finding the perfect VPN package for them. This is the most amazing thing that we find worth mentioning in detail in our BlackVPN review. These packages include:

• Global Package
• TV Package
• Privacy Package
• DD-WRT Routers Package

• Global Package

Global Package is the complete plan for an individual to get access and enjoy the extensive list of servers that are deployed by BlackVPN in various geographic locations anytime. You can access servers in countries including UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Ukraine, Singapore, Russia, Panama, Estonia and Luxembourg to enjoy unlimited server switches. Check out the subscription cost of this package in the pic below:

BlackVPN pricing plan

• TV Package

TV package is ideal for all the stream lovers for streaming their favorite UK and USA TV shows like Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer. You can also unblock Pandora, Vudu, Spotify and many more with the TV Package and bypass all the irritating GEOIP restrictions. This plan provides you access over the servers located in USA, UK and Singapore by switching between the servers without limits. Following pic will give an idea about the cost of this package:

BlackVPN Pricing Plan

• Privacy Package

Privacy package plan suits perfect to privacy and security oriented people. This package includes the servers in torrent-friendly country including Switzerland, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia, Panama, Canada and Luxembourg. Therefore users can enjoy safe torrenting and web surfing with complete anonymity and end-to-end encryption with PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN protocol support. More details of Privacy package is mentioned in the pic below:

BlackVPN Review

• DD-WRT Routers Package

BlackVPN offers pre-flashed i.e. DD-WRT routers so that users’ can enjoy maximum BlackVPN usage via Wi-Fi connected to your ready to plug and play routers. Using this package you can set yourself free from configuring and installing VPN client separately on different devices. Instead, you can make your whole Wi-Fi connections secure by configuring BlackVPN on DD-WRT routers and make all your devices secure for either torrenting or bypassing GEO IP restrictions. Check out the details of price plans of this package in the pic below:

BlackVPN Router

Payment Method

Diversity of payment method by a VPN provider gives you the privilege of subscribing to their services in a way that is most convenient to you. Presently, BlackVPN accepts payment via PayPal, Payment wall and BitCoin.  So you can easily carry out your transactions with BlackVPN using any of these options as per your wish or convenience.

BlackVPN payment

14- days Refund Policy

Although BlackVPN do not offer any free trial period but they understands that testing the services of a VPN is a right of every customer before they purchase the product. In this regard, BlackVPN offers 14-days money back guarantee with no limitations upon the policy unlike other VPN. However, make sure that the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The refund is claimed within 14-days of the purchased date.
  • The refund is not claimed previously under the above policy.
  • Make sure that BlackVPN hasn’t already suspended your account due to violation of terms of their services.

Moreover, if you renew your order then BlackVPN promises to offer you a 100% refund again without hesitation and without interrogation.

BlackVPN – Video Review

BlackVPN have gone an extra mile in educating internet users about VPN and related aspects of it through fun and engaging videos- a trait which few VPN providers have shown. Checkout and get a brief idea of this BlackVPN!

BlackVPN Server and Network Location

Although the server area network of BlackVPN is not as large as compared to few other VPNs but they have smartly deployed their servers in the most perfect locations geo-graphically. Currently, they have servers located in 14 countries which include: Canada, United Kingdom, United States (East and West), Switzerland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Singapore, Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, Panama, Brazil, Romania and Australia.

All of the above mentioned servers in those locations are dedicated machines that will deliver you fast and seamless streaming, torrenting and gaming experience. It will also allow you to evade all kind of rigid censorship or strict internet laws and get around GEO IP based restrictions. However, the key point to note is that they do not allow P2P services on UK, Singapore and USA servers. This effort is just for the purpose of keeping their clients safe from DMCA notices if they found liable for downloading stuffs illegally on those servers.

BlackVPN Features

BlackVPN offers all those amazing feature that a user wish to have for taking his online freedom experience to the whole new level. In this BlackVPN review, we have enlisted some of its glowing features that are worth having for either gaming, torrenting or streaming purposes. Check out each of them below:

• Unlimited Bandwidth

Having an unlimited bandwidth is all a user seeks in order to enjoy unlimited torrenting, downloading, online gaming or simply making unlimited video calls. BlackVPN users can enjoy this freedom of unlimited bandwidth by subscribing to any of the package offered and say a forever goodbye to the fear of being throttled.

• Unlimited Server Switches

BlackVPN provides the freedom to their client to switch between the servers without limitations. This way you can make the best selection of the server that fits perfect to your location by simply switching between the servers any number of time.

• 3 Multi-logins

BlackVPN provides you 3 Multi-logins on a single BlackVPN account. So users’can enjoy all the amazing services of it onto any 3 devices i.e. Phone, PC and any other device simultaneously without need of entering login details on each device separately over and over again.

• Anti-Malware Feature

BlackVPN brings the Anti-Malware feature in their product so that none of their client ever becomes a victim of malicious viruses and Trojans. This feature keeps you safeguard you from all the malicious apps that may purposely enter into your PC even without your consent.

• DDoS Protection Feature

DDoS attacks are a big threat to an online gamer as they cause temporary delay in between the internet connection. But if you are using BlackVPN then it will give you protection against these DDoS attacks by simply keeping your data traffic filtered.


The compatibility of BlackVPN to all major platforms and devices is quite impressive. It supports Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and AppleTV), Android, Boxee Box, Xbox360, pdSense, gaming consoles, Wii U, PlayStation and DD-WRT routers. It is important to note that BlackVPN does not have proprietary PC software but instead offer viscosity or OpenVPN client. Thankfully comprehensive video guide is available on their website for all these platforms to install BlackVPN that even a non-technical user can easily configure BlackVPN without any hassle.

Security and Privacy

Right off the bat, BlackVPN has been very vigilante in securing the matters related to the online security and privacy of its users. Being a Hong Kong based company; BlackVPN now enjoys the freedom of being away from the jurisdictions of both US and EU. Let’s talk in more detail about its protocol, encryption and logging policies.

• Protocols And Encryption Level

Protocols and Encryption are the key elements that create the secure and private tunnel for the users. Although it does not offer custom client software but they do provide OpenVPN set up guides for Windows (8, 7, Vista and XP), Mac, Android and iOS. Surprisingly the service provides 256 AES OpenVPN along with 4096 bit key. They also offer L2TP/IPSec and PPTP protocols for all the supported devices and OSbut everyone knows that OpenVPN is the most secure and provides above average speed among the other two supported protocols.

• Logs & Privacy Policy

One of the admirable facts about BlackVPN is that it keeps no log of their customers. They clearly define in their privacy policy that they do not restore connection or session log, activity or traffic log, DNS logs, the real IP address of their dear clients or whatsoever. They are fully dedicated towards maintaining the data of their customers private so you can keep your fear of being logged at bay with BlackVPN and enjoy complete online freedom.

Customer Support

BlackVPN customer support is very responsive. You can contact them via Live Chat or support ticket. They also assist their customers by regularly updating their FAQ section that contains answers to all the queries from general to any trouble shooting issue.

Their Support Ticket is very quick at reply not like few other VPN and available 24/7 which shows that they are much concerned about resolving their clients’ issues. They have also introduced live chat support but the only thing that is missing is that this support is available for only 20 hours a day. Giving you a rough idea, they are most likely available between 1 AM-12 PM and 3 PM-10 PM UTC.

Unique Selling Proposition

BlackVPN is an honest VPN service which doesn’t keep its users in dark. They have clear set of policies and have mentioned everything in black and white. The best thing that a BlackVPN provides is a complete set of packages that are categorized in a way that the user can easily choose the best package as per their need for that time. This diversity in subscription packages is what we consider it as unique selling proposition of BlackVPN. Users’ can avail the 14-days money back guarantee again upon renewal of their subscription package. Additionally, they provide detailed video set up tutorials that even a non-technical customer will easily install BlackVPN on their devices without issues.

These things give the BlackVPN a good edge in the VPN industry that every potential customer will love to purchase it.


Overall, BlackVPN have truly emerged as a pretty decent VPN service in recent times which never seizes to amaze it’s users through their great service. Their service is amazing and stands out as one of the good VPN available in the market today that truly promises to make the users identity secure, private and anonymous over the internet and allow them to stream, download or surf the internet world safely!

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