Best VPN for Australia 2016 – Evade Censorship


Solution to Known Issues

  • Turn a deaf ear to the Australian Data Retention Law and do not allow your ISP and phone service providers to log your online activities and maintain metadata.
  • Obviate the cybercrimes and protect your device from the cyber-intruders from breaching into your systems.
  • Get an easy approach to the geo-restricted websites and channels like BBC iPlayer, Slacker Radio, Pandora, Hulu and others.
  • Unblock the most wanted sporting events from anywhere round the globe.

With the data retention made legal after the legislation that was passed on 13th October 2015, Australian telecommunication services and ISP’s are required to maintain metadata and web browsing histories of users for two years.These data retention threat creates more congestion and thus considering the freedom of Internet ultimately leads the Australian surfers to find a suitable alternative to access their favorite website.

VPN Australia ensures ultimate privacy, anonymity, online security and especially peace of mind while you are online.Checkout the list we compiled of Best VPN for Australia. Most adequate to bypass geo-restriction, avoid censorship & data retention issues, unblock websites and ditch governmental surveillance, spammers and hackers.

Recommended Australian VPNs in 2016

# Provider Price Link
1 $2.87PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
2 $8.32PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
3 $4.99PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
4 $3.33PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
5 $4.92PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review

1- PureVPN

PureVPN offers a significantly cost-effective prices standing up to the users’ satisfaction. It possesses a widespread server collection with 8 servers specifically located in three different regions of Australia. These locations include Sydney, Melbourne and Perth that ensures users powerful security over their PureVPN tunnel. It is one of the feature enriched VPN. Its specialized features includes split tunneling, internet kill switch, 5 multi logins, 99.99% uptime and much more that makes this VPN to be in the list of best VPN for Australia.

2- ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN, with its five-star customer support appears on top among the best VPN for Australia. It provides an electrifying speed with unlimited bandwidth to upload or download without any data caps. The widespread server network of ExpressVPN gives you an easy approach to connect to any of their servers that are deployed in 136+ locations in 86 countries worldwide.

Moreover, the 30 days money back guarantee without any interrogation gives you a golden chance to test their services and proceed if you are satisfied with it. ExpressVPN can be a viable option to save you from the data retention laws prevailing in Australia.

3- NordVPN

It is surely a promising VPN service provider; NordVPN. Users can connect from more than 600+ server locations worldwide. Subscriber can enjoy optimum speed due to fewer numbers of users on various servers. They have few server located in various cities of Australia.

This VPN provider offers dedicated apps for iOS and Android based device, while the client software is compatible with every popular OS; For instance, Windows and Mac OSX. Due to its speed and stable connectivity, we have placed it on number 3rd on our list of best VPN for Australia.

4- Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is best known for its fast and steady connection to VOIP and unblocking, so if you are looking for unlimited bandwidth and unlimited downloading, PIA VPN should be your preference. It has optimized server located in Australia and servers in all major countries. It also offers SOCKS5 proxy along with anonymous VPN service. On our list of Best Australian VPN, Private Internet Access secures 4th position.

5- VPNArea

VPNArea has one the largest network of VPN servers in the world that will provide you ease for accessing numerous geo-blocked websites from outside Australia.It has 14 servers located in Australia in regions including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. This VPN for Australia ensures online privacy of netizens and provide accessibility to all restricted websites. Their salient features include zero-log policy, DNS Leak Protection, Anti Web RTC leak system and acceptance of BitCoin for ultimate security.

Data Retention Laws, Australia following the path of USA

On October 13, 2015 Australia officially joined the club of countries imposing Data Retention Laws on their citizens. Internet Service and Phone service providers will now be required to maintain metadata and internet activity logs of their users. Australian Government justifies their move as a step to curb illegal downloading. But in reality these laws would not only effect illegal downloading but internet privacy as a whole.

Now pro-privacy users from Australia are looking for an alternate which can shield them from this unnecessary law which could raise privacy issues. Tech-gurus highly recommend the use of VPN in such vulnerable situations and predict and upward swing in the sales of VPN subscriptions in Australia.

VPN connection encrypts data and transmits it through a secure tunnel which makes it ultra-safe and surveillance proof. It also switches your IP which makes it impossible to track your activities. VPN is especially very effective for p2p downloading; many VPN providers give special attention to P2P sharing and offer fast and effective downloading.

Best Australia VPN to Overcome Censorship

Although the internet censorship filtering called ‘refused classification’ (RC) of overseas websites were first suggested in October 2008 by governing Australian Labor Party, it is not been drafted until June 2010. But with inclusion of ACMA act in 2011 which greatly extend the number of websites in Australia’s blacklist, internet censorship falls in the quadrant of urgent & important issues for Australian web surfers. Though the step is taken to deter illegal downloads but it ensued the online privacy and anonymity of Australian netizens.

While fewer other restrictions were already imposed by the Australian communication and media authority (ACMA) which has banned websites since their formation in 2003 but the recent ACMA act has blocked more than 500 websites. Sadly, the list includes various websites which are frequently visited by Australian web users.

Now both federal and state laws are applicable to the internet content in Australia. Therefore if you don’t want to be the victim of such censorship legalities then it’s time for you to choose Australia VPN. Best VPN Australia will provide you the most feasible and secure medium to access all blocked websites without making any compromises on speed or your privacy.

Unblock Torrenting and Streaming sites via Australian VPN

The recent amendments in 2015 in the Australian Copyright Act left a questionable impact over the online privacy of Australians. According to this act, the illegal downloading of different movies and TV shows has been restrained and those who are found involved in the copyright violation are subjected to be banned immediately.

As a result, netizens are facing hard times connecting to famous torrenting and P2P file sharing platforms such as The Pirate Bay, Extra Torrents and Kickass Torrents. Best VPN for Australia offers a feasible solution if users are willing to access these file sharing platforms. Apart from it, unlimited bandwidth, blazing fast and stable connectivity, without any downloading cap are additional features that comes with best Australia VPN.

Cybercrimes, another reason for opting Best VPN for Australia

Last year more than 22 million which makes around 85% of Australian population used internet in the previous year according to a report by World Bank while according to Australian Reseller News over 5 million of those Australian web users lost around 1.06 billion dollars in the same year – raising a serious threat of internet fraud, hacking and other cybercrimes which affected over quarter population of Australia’s internet users.

Best VPN for Australia is the finest tool which not only protects your privacy but keep you secured, anonymous while you surf over the internet. Whether you are using public Wi-Fi or using internet at home, best VPN Australia is the greatest combination which guarantees privacy, improve security and gives you freedom to access blocked content.

Selection Criteria for Best Australia VPN

VPN Analysis provides you the list of best VPN for Australia, which are selected on the criteria of active servers & IP addresses, protocols & encryption methods, pricing plans, device and platform compatibility and of course their customer support. Best Australian VPN services on protects your anonymity, don’t keep logs, assist you in getting around restricted locations & blocked content with available servers in multiple location without any discrimination against protocol types or premium user traffic.

Differential Pricing Policy Due To Geo-Blocking

The content that is available to the Australians, is either streamed after it has been premiered in US and UK or they are made available to them in expensive. This is due to the differential pricing policies which are enforced to cope up with geo-blocking. These policies prevent the Australians to access content distributors that have a legal license in US and UK, where the content is mostly available in a cheaper price and earlier than in Australia.

It is thus proposed by the Australians that the right to use best VPN for Australia should be preserved and described in law.  As a result of the outcry, the 600 page draft report by the productivity commissioner made it clear that the use of circumventing tools to ditch geo-restrictions is not an infringement. He also urges the Australian government to make amendments in the Copyright Act.

Ditch geo-restriction with Best VPN Australia

You can’t watch content streaming website in UK, US, Canada and other regions of the world with geo-restriction just because you are residing in Australia – not fair. With best VPN for Australia life will no more be unfair for Australian web surfers. Australian VPN allows you unblock regional content means you are free to stream on websites like BBC iPlayer, HuluNetflix, Slacker Radio, Vudu, Sky Go, Pandora and many more.

In addition to providing you accessibility of geo-restricted websites, best Australia VPN is equally effective in unblocking the censorship imposed by Australian authorities. Although, there are other possible solutions like SmartDNS and Proxy apart from VPN that will help you bypass geo-restrictions and circumvent censorship, but if you are privacy conscious users than none of them is as effective as the VPN. A VPN will hide you original IP address but the mentioned alternate will though grant you access to those blocked sites or censored content but will not hide your true IP address.

Select among the finest Australian VPN

More than 100 VPN providers are currently offering services throughout the globe, now the real question is which one will do the trick, which one will allow you to access the geo-restricted content, which one will unlock the censored websites, which protocols are they using OpenVPN, L2PT, PPTP, how viable are their services – all is covered in this article on VPN Analysis.

Before selection, go through the features & other facts in the list of best VPN for Australia and find the most suitable one that matches your requirements. Decide keeping in mind the number of servers, active IP addresses, protocols, and price. Detailed review is also available for all the best Australia VPN services.

Access all whether it is Netflix, Hulu or BBC iPlayer etc. with Best VPN Australia

Apart from cybercrimes and censorship issue of Australian web, the next most important problem is geo-restriction – VPN allows you accessibility to all regional restricted website & streaming media. If you wish to access US Netflix, Pandora, Vudu or Hulu from Australia just select a US based server from the server list of best Australia VPN and enjoy seamless transmission of your favorite serials, movies, music, and shows.

Similarly BBC iPlayer, Sky Go is accessible via UK servers, it is just so simple to switch between the different servers but if you are a newbie or have little knowledge about the technology than tutorials & customer support options are also available for assistance.

One Simple Solution to multiple problems – Best VPN Australia

Best VPN for Australia is the perfect answer for various issues and threats faced by Australian web users which includes increasing cybercrimes rates– basically best Australia VPN replaces your original IP address and hides your original location thus leaving just fake identity in front for hackers and spammer to play with.

Moreover, you can break down the barriers of geo-restrictions over certain region blocked websites by switching between your original IP address and the one provided by your VPN provider. Using one of the best VPN Australia, you can ultimately circumvent the massive censorship that is prevailing in Australia. Ditch the Australian government surveillance and censorships and thus get fast & smooth accessibility to all censored and geo-restricted websites with a peace of mind.

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