BolehVPN Review 2016

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bolehvpn review


  • No Log Policy
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • No Bandwidth Limits
  • One Day Free Trial
  • Unlimited Download Speed
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Torrent/P2p Allowed
  • BolehGeo Service Is Handy
  • 2 Simultaneous Connections
  • 7 Days Paid Trial


  • Does not support PPTP

Overview- BolehVPN

It has been 8 years since BolehVPN stepped into the VPN community in 2007 and soon made a strong place among the top Asian VPN services. BolehVPN is owned by a company that is based in Malaysia. Their main focus is the security and freedom over the internet and they try to provide such features to ensure the main privacy aspects for the netizens. Let’s move on further with our BolehVPN Review to explore the most out of the decent features of this VPN provider.

Pricing Plan

The prices of BolehVPN are neither too cheap nor too expensive. There are different categories of packages to subscribe to the service of BolehVPN. They offer 4 fairly affordable subscription packages starting with the Monthly Plan at 9.99 USD, 2 Month Plan for 16.99 USD, the Semi-Annual Plan costing 44.99 USD for 6 months and the Annual Plan for 79.99 USD per year.

Bolehvpn review

All these four pricing plans provide the same service and differ only in the length of subscription. The unlimited bandwidth and no log policy make your money worth purchasing it. They offer a refund policy within fourteen (14) days from the activation of your VPN account for full packages or within 2 days for trial subscriptions if you are not satisfied with the quality of service or the service does not work for you.

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Payment Methods

BolehVPN offers a good range of payment methods so that customers may not put an extra effort to subscribe to their service. They support all major credit/debit cards, Paypal, Malaysian internet banking, Malaysian ATM cash deposits, BitCoin payments via Coinbase, Dash via CoinPayments, prepaid card as well as wire transfer.

Video Review

BolehVPN proffers their customers with a brief video review of their service, how it works and highlighting the better and noticeable aspects of it.

Servers & Their Locations

BolehVPN does not excel in the number of locations where their VPN servers are situated but the servers they have are far better and securer than any other VPN service. Presently, BolehVPN has deployed its servers in 13 different locations round the globe.

bolehvpn servers

These countries include Germany, Singapore, United States of America, Italy, Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands and Switzerland. They allow you to choose from a variety of different servers out of which there are torrent optimized, streaming specialized and servers most suitable for confidential workarounds. These servers include the following 5 types of configurations:

  1. Proxy servers
  2. Surfing streaming servers
  3. Fully-routed VPN servers
  4. Xcloak servers
  5. BolehGeo, it allows you to access sites that are restricted to US address without the use of a VPN. In other words, the lag and overhead inherent from using a VPN are eliminated, thus faster streaming speeds can be observed


A VPN provider who wants to attain a good place in its users’ hearts focuses better on providing decent features for them to use. Not only provide, but keeps on updating them and adding new ones. BolehVPN have good and remarkable features to note down under this section. Have a look on the following features section of our BolehVPN Review.

• Free Trial

One thing that we find different from other VPN providers is the one day free trial which is not be seen in any VPN service nowadays. BolehVPN offers one day free trial but getting a free trial for a day requires some effort. That is to say, in order to avail the one day free trial option of BolehVPN, you have to register yourself as a new customer first.

Then send an email to their support team choosing a username and password for you and providing your phone number and other basic information. Plus, the email should accompany the purpose you intended to use BolehVPN for. If your request has gone through the company’s approval, you will be given the free trial for 24 hours.

• Software

The software is user-friendly and is easy to connect. Although BolehVPN does not provide its native client for handheld devices but they cover almost all operating systems support. The multiple server selection facility allows you to select a server according to your requisite.

• No Bandwidth Limitations

Bandwidth and data caps are the dirtiest tactics usually done by the ISPs. BolehVPN provides no limitations over data transfers and does not support bandwidth throttling. They even support P2P filesharing and hosts seedbox servers for fast and unlimited torrenting. So, bandwidth caps may no longer be an issue using BolehVPN while P2P filesharing.


The software of BolehVPN is compatible with all mainstream operating systems and devices so that users can make most of using BolehVPN.For OpenVPN the compatibility includes Linux, Android, Mac, Windows and iOS while the compatible routers are Asus-WRT Merlin, DD-WRT and Sabai Technology routers.  But for layer 2 Tunneling protocol (L2TP), the software is compatible with Apple desktops/notebooks, Windows along with iOS and Android mobile devices.

bolehvpn review

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy of a VPN service provider should be well-organized in order to provide a perfect security tool for the privacy-oriented users. Scroll down to discover more about this privacy and security section in our BolehVPN Review.

• Protocols & Encryption Level

BolehVPN supports two of the most popular encryption protocols i.e. OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. Although they don’t provide PPTP, but the choices they provide are more than enough to enjoy complete internet freedom. BolehVPN provides military graded encryption but the encryption level differs with the server and protocol you are connected to.

BolehVPN Surfing Streaming servers use 128-bit AES with SSL, and all other servers use 256-bit AES with SHA-512 HMAC. BolehGEO does not have encryption as it’s only for streaming geo-locked content.

• Logs & Privacy Policy

Being based at an offshore location, Malaysia, BolehVPN is in full advantage as it is free of any EU or US jurisdictions. They even reflect the clarity of their words, as stated in their privacy policy, by not logging any of the online activities or any credentials of their users.

The only situation when they turn on logs temporarily is when they observe any unusual activity on their servers (that may suspect to be DOS attacks or spamming). Once they have identified the user and cleared the issue, the logs are permanently wiped out of the systems.

Customer Support

While writing our BolehVPN review, we were glad to know that they provide an excellent 24/7 Live Chat. We approach to ask a few queries through their live chat and to our surprise, they satisfied us assisting with really very helpful guidance within a few minutes. We also happened to test their email service and all our queries were answered logically within 2 hours.

Note that support ticket option will only be available after you create an account on BolehVPN. Additionally, community forums are really helpful providing a good wealth of support apart from social media platforms like Facebook and twitter.

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Setup Tutorial for Windows

Setup is excellent and there is no any tiresome process to get started with. Following are the easy steps to make BolehVPN your own VPN service on Windows:

  1. Install the BolehVPN connect software/client on Windows.
  2. The startup screen requires the credentials (your username and password) sent by the BolehVPN provider via an email.
    Boleh VPN Windows setup
  3. Next, you have to select the protocol, server and click connect.
    Boleh VPN Windows setupBoleh VPN Windows setup
  4. Once you are connected with a server, you can change the type of server configuration from settings.

boleh vpn setting

  1. Congratulations! You are free to browse over the web and get started with BolehVPN!


After writing BolehVPN Review, we have come across the conclusion that BolehVPN is good for every purpose. Whether you want a VPN connection only for streaming or you want it to secure your business from the snoopers and hackers… Or in other case, you want to access the blocked content on Pandora or HBO Go from a geo-restricted country, BolehVPN will serve you in any condition and situation. Just install the BolehVPN connect app and give it a go!

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