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HIdeMyAss Review

HideMyAss, the UK based service is arguably the largest VPN provider with 20 million satisfied consumers around the globe. HMA is owned by Primax, which is recently acquired by AVG Technologies. HideMyAss offers 30-days money back guarantee. Their server spread is impressive; 940+ server deployed at 350+ location in 190+ countries. Global accessibility is assured as HMA offers more than 120,000 shared IP pool for their users. Read our comprehensive HideMyAss Review for complete insight.


  • Largest VPN Network
  • 20 Million Active Users
  • 940+ Servers, 350+ Locations
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Disposable Phone Numbers
  • Free Anonymous Email


  • No Free Trial Available
  • Keep Activity Log
  • UK Based Provider

Bottom Line

HideMyAss is good for accessing geo-restricted media and evade censorship issues. However, they aren’t great with maintaining users’ anonymity. HMA keep activity metadata logs.

HideMyAss takes pride as the largest VPN service provider in the world, catering more than 8 million subscribers per month, far more than any other service provider in the market. During research before writing this HideMyAss review, we interviewed number of their client; both new and pros – hardly anyone described flaws or negative element in the quality of service. Although there are few drawbacks associated with the provider which we will discuss in this HideMyAss review 2016 including customer support and partial client log record.

Pricing Plans

HideMyAss Pro VPN offers three convenient packages; 1 month package price plan is for $11.52 (Kick-Ass Plan), for 6 months package $49.98 which will cost you $8.33 per month (Half-Ass Plan) and the 12 months plan is offered at the rate of $78.60 costing $6.55 per month (Smart-Ass Plan). The pricing plan is made according to the advancement of service and features’ level. It is worth-mentioning in the HideMyAss review that their pricing plans does not get revised normally, their expert team have set price and package after a thorough research; they prefer sticking to it for a longer period.

hidemyass pricing plan

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Introduction of VPN Giant, HideMyAss

This United Kingdom based company was in the VPN industry since year 2005. They came in the beginning when virtual private network was mostly used by corporate sector and not for the same reasons. They successfully took the leading position by offering feature enriched, quality service and continue to add up their clientele as they continue to add servers, locations, countries and active IP addresses. Extremely low downtime, fast & uninterrupted connectivity, user friendly software, presentable website and advance features – these are few characteristics which describe HideMyAss VPN service.

Incredible features of HideMyAss VPN

HideMyAss takes pride as the largest VPN service provider in the world, catering more than 8 million subscribers per month, far more than any other service provider in the market. During research before writing this HideMyAss review, we interviewed number of their client; both new and pros – hardly anyone described flaws or negative element in the quality of service. Although there are few drawbacks associated with the provider which we will discuss in this HideMyAss review including customer support and partial client log record.

HideMyAss VPN provides 890+ servers, at 340+ different location deployed in 210+ countries. Also, with more than 121,060+ active IP addresses they are here to rule the VPN industry for sure. HideMyAss services are always beyond satisfactory level according to our expert tech team and users feedback. It is worth mentioning in this HideMyAss review that their website and software application both are loaded with perfect amount of information and presented in a user friendly pattern.

  • Schedule IP Address Change

This marvelous feature comes with HideMyAss Pro VPN service. It allows you to set an interval and the VPN software application will change your IP address to new random IP from its pool of more than 121k+ active IP addresses. This feature greatly increases your anonymity, making it hard for any agency or cybercriminal to track. However, you will be disconnected momentarily while your IP changes.

  • Secure IP Bind

With the help of this HideMyAss advance feature, user can bind particular applications to be connected via VPN only. If you get disconnected from VPN server you real IP address will not be revealed; this feature forbids selected applications to connect with the internet while VPN is in active, ensuring highest level of anonymity. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for Windows based users but you can also apply secure IP bind on Mac by configuring your firewall.

With HideMyAss Pro VPN connection it is easier to keep an eye on all connection processes as well as progress as it provides us with the facility of connection log on the Dashboard. This is a facility that is rarely given by service providers. It has commonly noticed that many of the VPN connection service providers only show the VPN connection status on the dashboard, while other imperatives slide by.

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The fine-tuning of the HMA VPN connection is easily done through the “Diagnostics and Settings” tabs on the Dashboard, these are impressively helpful options. Additionally, for new learner there was a “Knowledge Base” button on top of the client, which is helpful for them to learn different options and use of VPN.

  • Load Balancing

Normally, all the connected users share the resources of a particular VPN server through which they are all connected, if respective server is heavily loaded it will decrease the speed eventually. HideMyAss Pro plan have load balancing feature which automatically switches your connection to a less loaded server based on your selected regional setting, enabling you to enjoy the fastest connection of that specific region.

High Compatibility of HideMyAss

Not only the features of HideMyAss VPN are pretty user friendly but also their application is convenient to setup on Windows and Mac based systems. Apart from HideMyAss desktop application for PC, Mac and Laptops their app for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone are even easier to install and configure. HideMyAss VPN is highly compatible with all popular operating system platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. Although Linux is given command line interface by default HideMyAss Pro VPN clients and while if someone asks for alpha version he has to make a special request in order to avail the customized service.

Today, we are aware of all features that other VPN service providers offer and do not offer; Linux based application are hardly provided by any VPN service, it is highly appreciable that HideMyAss is offering exceptionally outstanding VPN services for Linux OS. Although, we do not appreciate the sound of all that hassle that occurs at times, so we better constraint commenting on that.

Servers and Unique Selling Point of HideMyAss Pro VPN

Honestly,we are pretty much impress with the long list of server that is 890+VPN servers offering great services in more than 190 countries at 340 locations distributed globally – one of the core reason why HideMyAss is the biggest VPN service provider in the world. Users’ can connect to any of their speedy server from anywhere in the world – HideMyAss has the largest server span in US i.e. 356 servers, while the second largest server count is in European countries i.e. 300 servers.

HideMyAss Pro VPN Servers

Without a doubt, large number of of IP addresses is another impressive and revenue generating unique selling point of HideMyAss Pro VPN and currently they acquire 121,060 dynamic IP address (Shared) to stay on top of their business industry.

Additional Services of HideMyAss VPN

HideMyAss was one of the oldest VPN provider in technology industry, beside their VPN product various other top class services and add-ons are offered this premium vendor. Whether it’s Anonymous email, privacy software, IP: Port proxies and free web proxies; all are offered by HideMyAss VPN.

  • Web Proxy

This is a free service which HideMyAss has been providing since long – it is target for new users’ who are not very familiar with the idea of IP masking and unblocking geo-restricted domains. Although it’s free but speed and performance is not proportionate due to heavy traffic.

  • IP – Port Proxies

Provision of real-time public proxies is one their amazing feature. Remember HideMyAss own the largest database of public proxies which is free to use. Although, you need to purchase this premium feature once in a lifetime for US$ 24.95 and you will receive the entire updated list every day in raw format over email. For further assistance this proxy list is sorted in term of country and speed (fastest proxies first). Other details including connection time, proxy type, region location and anonymity level of these free proxies are provided on HideMyAss website.

  • Anonymous Email

Quite an appealing feature, required by many; complete anonymous email address. This marvelous feature of HideMyAssallow you enjoy anonymity at maximum, you can email anyone with an email address of your choice like ‘mychoice@hmamail.com’ – your privacy remains intact. Plus, there is auto-delete timer provision by HideMyAss – you can set the timer according to your preference and email account will be auto-deleted when the timer goes off.

  • Privacy Software

HideMyAss offers three ultimate online privacy tools to grant you complete freedom while you are connected with hub. These privacy software are plug-ins which are compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Subscribers’ can install these browser based plug-ins for free.

• HideMyAss Panic Button: With this amazing plug-in you can hide all your tabs open in your browser with a single click. You can protect your privacy with password also, which will be required when you are restoring your hidden browser tabs.

• HideMyAss IP Checker: You can check your regional location with respect to your IP address. This tool will assist you to know what your current location appears to others.

• HideMyAss Web Proxy: This is single click plug-in which activates free proxy service of HideMyAss. It’s just a matter of seconds that you are physically at one location and virtually become present at some other part of the globe.

  • File Upload

This is pretty unique feature offered by HideMyAss; File Upload allow you to upload files and protect them with password. Subscribers’ can also share these files with others provided that they have the password to access and download these files. You can set IP range (or specific IP addresses) and regions through which these files can be downloaded. Furthermore, there is self-destruct timer option or you can set download count after which selected files will be auto-deleted.

Security and Privacy

All the major and normally required protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols were made available by HideMyAss VPN service. This HideMyAss review cannot be considered as complete without mentioning that HideMyAss use 256-bit encryption except for the latter which uses 128-bit data encryption.

HideMyAss VPN offers both OpenVPN encryption protocol for TCP and UDP; both has 128-bit encryption strength but OpenVPN-UDP provides better speed and by-pass more restrictions. HideMyAss VPN also offers 128-bit PPTP encryption along with MS-Chap version 2 authentication. L2TP is also offered to HideMyAss VPN subscribers using IPsec with 256-bit key encryption and 3DES/AES algorithm.

Automatic Renewal and Money Back Guarantee

HideMyAss Pro VPN service has two exceptional features that give us confidence to take the service as soon as we visit the website. First the automatic subscription renewal feature and second is 30 days money back guarantee in case of dissatisfactory. With such an amazing offering we can clearly understand how confident and proud they are for all the service they offer to their potential clients. We can say that these are evident attributes of authentic service provider, who do not compromise on quality at any cost.

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New User Friendly Website and Online Access Panel

HideMyAss newly launched website is pretty catchy and engaging, whoever visits it for the first time he finds it user friendly and interesting as HideMyAss’s classic package is offered in color scheme of yellow and white. Additionally, you will find navigation-friendly menus, which clearly displays all HideMyAss services, glowing features and packages with a few clicks only. A well-organized website also shows dedication and professionalism of the team working behind HMA VPN.

Another remarkable feature that impresses us further is an online access to panel we get just by signing up for the account. Also, it facilitates us to download the required HideMyAss VPN client.

Speed Test of HideMyAss

One of the core methods to judge the performance of any VPN service to test its speed over different regional IP addresses. It will provide you an insight about the performance of VPN provider and of course assist you in deciding which VPN to pursue. HideMyAss has the largest customer base in the world and 8 million users can’t be wrong.

HideMyAss speed test results are satisfactory, we have observed minor decrease in overall internet bandwidth on PPTP and OpenVPN protocol. Our experts recommend to use OpenVPN as it is a perfect combination of security and fast connection. The speed test result of HideMyAss Pro VPN is as follow:

HideMyAss Pro VPN Speed Tests

HideMyAss Pro VPN Setup

How to Setup HideMyAss Pro VPN on Windows 7/8 and Vista

Configuring HideMyAss Pro VPN on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista is quite simple and won’t take more the five minutes to setup HideMyAss VPN.
1. Go to ‘Control Panel’ and select ‘Network and Internet’ option.

2. Click on ‘Setup a New Connection or Network’.

3. Choose ‘Connect to a Workplace’ and click ‘Next’ to proceed.

4. Now in next Windows, Choose ‘No, Create a New Connection’ and select ‘Use my Internet Connection (VPN)’.

5. In the next window, you will asked to enter ‘Internet Address’ and ‘Destination Name’

• In Internet Address field enter your desired VPN Server IP address. VPN server IP addresses are provided on HideMyAss website. On the website you have to click on ‘View’ option right beside ‘Manually Setup VPN – No Software’.
• Destination Name can be anything. We recommend to provide a destination which can easily be identified by you.
• Click on ‘Next’ once you are done.

6. You have provide your VPN credential now, which are received by HideMyAss support email. It includes ‘User Name’ and ‘Password’.

Awesome, you now connect to HideMyAss Pro VPN.

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How to Setup HideMyAss Pro VPN on Mac OS

Subscribers’ can manually configure HideMyAss Pro VPN on their Mac operating system through below mentioned simple steps:

1. Click on the ‘Settings’

2. Go to ‘General’ in the Settings menu. Select ‘VPN’ in the General settings menu and tap on ‘Add VPN Configuration’

3. Select from the available protocols; PPTP or L2TP – add a description and server IP of your preference.

• Description: We recommend to input a description that can be easily recognized by you like ‘HMA L2TP’.
• Server Address: Enter the IP address of server of your preferred location. IP address can be found on official website of HideMyAss. Also you can log on to ‘VPN Control Panel’ and select ‘Software & Help’ section. Click ‘View’ and then go to ‘Manually Setup VPN – No Option’. Here you will find list of servers.

4. Now, you will be ask to input few credential like user name and password received via email from HideMyAss team and select a few options.

• Account: Enter ‘Username’
• SecureID: disable
• Password: Enter password
• Encryption Level: Auto
• Send All Traffic: Enabled
• Proxy: Off

5. Once you are done with all the fields, Click on ‘Save’ option.

6. To connect with HideMyAss VPN, select the created VPN configuration and swipe the VPN switch – it will start to connect. Once it turns green, it means you are now successfully connected. You can also confirm by tapping on ‘Status’.

7. If you wish to disconnect just switch off the VPN button in the Status area, if it turns grey means you successfully disconnected from HideMyAss network.

How to Setup HideMyAss VPN on iPhone

Users’ can setup HideMyAss Pro VPN using below mentioned method, configuring VPN on iPhone is easy and won’t require more than 3 minutes to setup.
1. Tap on ‘Setting’ icon from your iPhone main page.

2. Tap on ‘General’ in Settings and then select ‘VPN’ from general settings.

3. Locate ‘Add VPN Configuration’ on right side and tap on it.

4. Now select your preferred connection method from ‘PPTP’ & ‘L2TP’ – PPTP is ideal for streaming but less secure (128-bits) while L2TP offer better encryption (256-bits).

• Description: Fill with some description which can easily be recognized by you.
• Server: Input preferred server IP address. You can find server list on HideMyAss official website in ‘VPN Control Panel’. Select ‘Software & Help’ and click on ‘View’ beside ‘Manually Set-up VPN – No Software’. You can copy/paste IP address of your desired server on to your iPhone from here.
Account: Enter HideMyAss Account Username in this field.
RSA SecureID: ‘Disable’ it.
Password: Enter ‘Password’. You can found the password in VPN Control Panel on HideMyAss website.
Encryption Level: Select ‘Auto’.
Send All Traffic: ‘Enabled’
Proxy: ‘Off’

After completing all above steps. Tap on ‘Save’ button in upper right corner.

5. Now your VPN connection is configured. When you wish to connect select VPN configuration which you have just created, swipe the VPN button to turn ‘On’ configured VPN service. It should turn blue which means it starts connecting. Once connected the button would turn green.

6. Tap on ‘Status’ icon for an overview of your VPN connection. Swipe on the button to disconnect VPN. Once disconnected it would turn grey again.

How to Setup HideMyAss VPN on Android

1. Go to ‘Apps’ section of your Android device and Select ‘Settings’.

2. Tap on ‘More’ in settings menu to uncover further options.

3. You will find ‘VPN’ over here, tap on it. It may ask for a PIN, if you don’t have a PIN yet it can be created easily. Go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock and create your PIN password. Now you can proceed to create a VPN profile.

Note: PIN is only for security reasons.

4. Tap on ‘+’ icon on the upper right section to add a VPN network.

5. Setup will ask VPN server details now;

Name: Enter something that you can recognize like Hide My Ass
Type: Choose your desired connection method from PPTP and L2TP
Server Address: Enter server IP of your preferred VPN server. Server list is present on official website of HideMyAss; log in to VPN Control Panel and click on ‘Software & Help’ section. Click on ‘View’ beside ‘Manually Set-up VPN – No Software’ and Copy/Paste the server address in your Android device.
• Check on ‘PPP Encryption (MPPE)’ and tap on ‘Save’ when done.

6. You VPN profile is created now. You can see this recently configured VPN in menu. If you wish to connect with HideMyAss VPN just tap on it.

7. To connect with HideMyAss VPN you need to enter the following credentials:

• User Name: Enter the username provided by HideMyAss (it’s the same username you use to log in to your VPN Control Panel).
• Password: Enter your encrypted password. Your password is on VPN Control Panel, go there and click on Software & Help. Then select ‘View’ besides ‘Manually Set-up VPN – No software’. You will find the password over there.
• Check mark ‘Save Account Information’ and tap ‘Connect’ on your Android device.

8. Current connection status will be notified by your device, it will go to ‘Connecting’ from ‘Disconnected’ and then ‘Connected’.

9. If you wish to disconnect VPN go to VPN menu in system settings or simply select your connected HideMyAss VPN from pull down menu and choose ‘Disconnect’.

HideMyAss Pro VPN DD-WRT Setup

Customer Support of HideMyAss VPN

Overall we are happy and very much satisfied with all services of HideMyAss Pro VPN because all features are better than other services available, but the only thing we find disturbing in your standard service criterion is that HideMyAss live chat customer support facility is only available for 12 hours per day. It gets very disturbing at the time of emergency.

We have noticed that if somebody encounters any problem while using HideMyAss VPN and does not want to get a delayed reply via email, then he/she might have to wait for HideMyAss community discussion forum that helps solve your problem instantly.

Cons of Acquiring HideMyAss VPN Services

A well supported client is a happy client. We have found complain from their customers regarding the support provided to HideMyAss VPN users. There is a FAQs section on their website and forums are available 24/7. Email support will take almost a day for response, Live Chat option is not accessible throughout the day in fact you can avail the facility for only 12 hours per day. Plus there is no Live Telephone support to resolve queries, introducing such option would really help HideMyAss in achieving a 5 starred review from their clients and expert as well.

As we have already mentioned earlier in this HideMyAss review that they are based United Kingdom, so they have to comply with the regulation imposed by the agencies of UK which involve maintaining log and record of customer’s specific information. Although HideMyAss don’t monitor or keep track of the activities perform by user but login & logoff time of every customer is recorded.

Concluding Notes

If we say HideMyAss is one-size-fits-all VPN, we would not be wrong because HideMyAss has maintained remarkable performance and kept their services consistent which is why our tech team would highly recommend it to new users and definitely suggest regular users to keep using it for outstanding services. Although, their customer support service is not perfect, but still as compare to other services in the market the package is much reliable.

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We strongly believe that services of HideMyAss VPN are trustworthy and we can fearlessly rely on its services in the dangerous world of internet.

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