Best VPN for iPhone 2016 (Updated November 2016)


Solution to Known Issues

  • Prevent your iPhone from the zero-day vulnerability named as ‘Trident Flaw’ that has popped up the screen recently which causes your iPhone to be jailbroken.
  • Add an extra layer of security to your personal information and confidential data by encrypting it with military-graded encryption standards.
  • Stream and browse freely and safely; stay updated with the latest news, events and movies and TV titles by accessing the most popular streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Fox, ESPN and others.

What else can offer you to download music albums, high definition movies and of course podcasts without spending a penny than Public Wi-Fi facility – it won’t burn your allocated data cap at home and also you won’t receive any warning calls from your office’s IT department. If you are willing to stream television shows to kill time while you are waiting at subway station or share files with colleagues or even check emails on the go – there is no better solution then Public Wi-fi. The only alarming issue is high risk of being hacked or tracked by authorities and here comes Best iPhone VPN to save your day.

VPN Analysis has compiled the list of best VPN for iPhone specialized in providing complete security from hackers and cyber criminals by granting you absolute anonymity – All the providers listed below offers dedicated app for iPhone devices.

Best VPN for iPhone in 2016

# Provider Price Link
1 $8.32PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
2 $6.49PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
3 $5.75PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
4 $6.67PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
5 $4.92PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review

Besides the security evaluation of  Best iPhone VPN services, our tech team has ranked the providers on the basis of seamless speed, uninterrupted connectivity, minimum load on Internet bandwidth, users’ feedback & reviews, multi-protocol support, compatibility with devices & popular operating systems, customer support, and price against quality of service.

Editor’s Recommendation – ExpressVPN

Express VPN is considered as the one of the finest VPN service provider who grants true internet freedom to iPhone users. Express VPN is acknowledged for its strong security measures, uninterrupted connection, wide server spread and ultimate privacy. If you are looking to bypass geo-restriction and censorship issues, this VPN service is the one you are looking for. Express VPN can give you complete peace of mind while you are connected to any hotspot or Wi-fi, this is the core reason why our techs placed it on top of Best VPN for iPhone list.

Express VPN has 100+ VPN servers deployed in 97+ cities covering more than 78 countries. It offers all popular encryption protocols to ensure your security and privacy remains uncompromised; PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN and SSTP. They are based in British Virgin Island, so they are not bound to retain any of users’ data or activity log. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server switches without any download limitation on your iPhone. This VPN for iPhone shows us most satisfactory speed test result as compared to other leading VPN providers.

Signup for any Express VPN plan now and experience Internet freedom on their dedicated app for your iOS device. Remember, you have the protection of 30 days money back guarantee – in case Express VPN fails to fulfill your requirements, claim refund within 30 days. VPN Analysis recommends using Express VPN as it turnouts to be the Best iPhone VPN.

Finest Security Guard for iPhone

Research shows that more than 78% of the Internet population utilizes their allocated bandwidth by performing routine task which includes sending emails, checking your Facebook page, twitting or updating your LinkedIn profile – you can save valuable bandwidth with public Wi-Fi facility on the go at airports, lobby, café, canteen, waiting areas and other locations. However, the biggest drawback associated with public Wi-Fi provisions is the risk of privacy breach; they are vulnerable to hackers’ attacks and you are always exposed to cyber criminals.

Similar disadvantage applies to the users of Apple iPhone who connects with public Wi-Fi. Although, security risk is a single considerable flaw in public Wi-Fi facility but it has so much weightage that according to tech geeks it sometimes outnumbered all the advantages related to public Internet facility. Good news is ‘you can mitigate the security risk while using your connection to Internet especially a public Wi-Fi hotspot with best VPN for iPhone’.

How best iPhone VPN Secure you Online Presence

You are vulnerable to hacking attacks once your join the internet media no matter with which device including iPhone; your IP address i.e. logical address discloses your identity and location – once your location is identified next they start attempts to breach your security wall. If you have some anti-virus installed on your iPhone, then a war between both rivals starts i.e. hacker and anti-virus – one with more expertise and skill sets wins the battle. If anti-virus succeed to divert or stop the hacking attack you are safe else wise your sensitive information are at stake.

Now, suppose you can ditch the cyber criminals at initial step i.e. disclosure of your IP address and location. This is simply what best VPN for iPhone does, it actually mask your original IP address and location with one from its own IP pool which consist of thousands of IP address. Hiding your original IP address and location eliminates the possibility for security breach.

Furthermore, iPhone VPN creates a protected tunnel to carry your Internet traffic at desired location, while keeping you completely anonymous. Hence, iPhone VPN simply link your unsecured connection to a highly secured network before data transmission. Both iOS and Mac OS X has great support for VPN incorporated by Apple. VPN for iPhone and other Apple devices are necessary as iOS receive and send lots of personal data.

Added Benefits of Best iPhone VPN

Numerous content and music streaming websites have restricted access based on geographical locations –VPN iPhone would enable you to unblock geo-restricted website on your device from anywhere throughout the world without compromising your privacy. Unblock Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer and all other blocked streaming media by rendering easy to operate best VPN for iPhone, it is open up the world of entertainment at feasible rates.

Protocol Options

Multiple protocols are available from best iPhone VPN, which allow subscribers to utilize as per requirements. For instance PPTP is easy to set-up and fast in performance but provides least security – L2TP/IPsec requires pre-shared IPsec key to setup, need a bit skill set to configure but it is lot more secure – However, the recommended protocol for iPhone VPN; fast and secured is OpenVPN but it requires a third party software for setup, making it hard for newbies to configure.

How to Setup VPN on iPhone

Configuring a VPN on your iPhone is quite simple, it won’t take more than 8 steps. All you need are settings and information received from your VPN service provider. Perform following steps to configure VPN:

  1. Tap on ‘Settings’
  2. Tap on ‘General’
  3. Tap on ‘Network’
  4. Tap on ‘VPN’
  5. Tap ‘Add VPN Configuration’
  6. You have to select protocol now according to your need. IPSec is used by most, for ensuring security. Available options will be L2TP, PPTP and IPSec.
  7. Enter ‘Account ID’ and ‘Password’ provided by your VPN service. Make sure to enable Proxy option if you use one, from the bottom of settings page.
  8. Now tap on ‘Save’ to complete configuration.

You can turn on/off configured VPN by going into ‘Settings’ area. VPN option will be available under main settings page. Toggle the on/off switch as per your requirement. In case of error message, you can change/edit from VPN settings.

Stay protected with Best iPhone VPN

With drastic increase in the usage of remote device such as iPhone, it is highly vital for each of us to protect our sensitive information and other data from hackers’ intrusion. Public Wi-Fi is a great way to stay update on the go with both your work and social life, so instead of avoiding this opportunity because of security reason – you can just render the services of VPN software for iPhone at economical prices.

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