Best VPN for China 2016


China VN Summary

  • Save your necks from the online surveillance and monitoring of NSA, GCHQ, Five Eyes and even your ISP.
  • Smash the Great Firewall of China and entertain yourself with approx. 3000 blocked social media websites such as Sound Cloud, Facebook, Yahoo and others.
  • Unblock your favorite shows, movies over the famous streaming channels.
  • Jump over the censorship barriers by accessing WhatsApp, Snap Chat and Instagram etc. to stay connected with your natives.

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Great firewall of China is acknowledged as most sophisticated yet complex censorship mechanism in operation today. Instead of enjoying Facebook, YouTube and Twitter web clients in China had to settle for their Chinese alternative: Renren, YouKu and SinaWeibo respectively. The authoritative bodies in China possess complete power over the content, images, videos and audio that falls under their area of jurisdiction – all is part of Chinese Golden Shield Project. Countless websites and servers were closed down since September 2014 as new session of blocking was activated in the name of protecting China.

One of the most feasible methods to by-pass this mighty digital firewall of surveillance and censorship comes in the form of VPN. But it is worth mentioning here that most ambitious Great Firewall of China has blocked many VPN services for users trying to gain access over China websites and circumventing the imposed censorship.

Thus, our VPN Analysis team has though sorted list of 5 best VPN for China but keeping in view the effectiveness of the GFW, we recommend ExpressVPN that works mostly like a charm in avoiding the Great Firewall of China.

Recommended VPN for China in 2016

Best VPN for China grant complete online freedom to Chinese netizens; you can evade regional restrictions, access social networks, download files via P2P sharing & torrent, unlimited gaming and surf the web anonymously. Relive your digital life without worrying about government monitoring with best China VPN services.

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Websites that are blocked in China

The government of China has blocked all the online new sources that represent mixed point of view that are sometimes positive and alternate. These websites includes;Guardian, The Wallstreet Journal, Time Magazine, The Economist, Gizmodo, Ars Technica, Tech Crunch, The independent and many more.

On the flip side, netizens of China are also refrained from accessing certain social media websites. The Government of China has developedthe Chinese alternates of those websites that are monitored and censored actively. The blocked websites includes Reddit, Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat, WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Microsoft Live Services, Google Gmail Services and hundreds of other services.

Best VPN for China offers a Solution

The Great Firewall of China targets to block websites that can represent any potential danger to the government, people or state officials of China. The Great Firewall examines the URL, the IP location and the page content each time a client in China tries to get to a site. The easiest and definitely the safest route to by-pass Chinese firewall to acquire the services of a VPN provider that serves China. VPN service encrypts your data packets and redirects your internet connections through a secure tunnel that ensures that you receive uninterrupted access to all blocked websites.

This article will provide you the list of best VPN for China which will assist Chinese web users in accessing all web content from China – no restrictions. The purpose of this content piece is to help visitors; casual tourists, business individuals and Chinese citizens as well in gaining complete access to the internet.

Why Best China VPN is necessary..?

Chinese government has recently disclosed their plans to introduce Social Credit System. It will be a system of awarding ‘Citizen Score’ to all 1.3 billion Chinese populations. This score will be based on diverse criteria including financial history, academics, criminal record and online behavior of citizens. China’s citizen score will be impinged while you are acquiring bank loans, admitting to institution, applying for jobs and more.

It turns out to be that Chinese authorities via its citizen score are enhancing their censorship standards which will further restrict their online freedom. However, China VPN can provide a safe hideout from such strong monitoring. Chinese internet users’ can still defeat unwelcomed censorship, access geo-restricted content, stream high-definition videos, download without any cap and browse the web anonymously with best VPN for China.

Is it legal to use China VPN?

Chinese information technology authority has already blocked websites of most famous VPN service providers; more websites were blocked in the current round started from August 2014. However, the good thing is they never stated that by-passing their firewall using a VPN is illegal; also no one ever got prosecuted for using China VPN.

Unfortunately, there are few VPN website accessible from China. VPN analysis brings the list of 5 best VPN for China that can grant you access to unblock all restricted domains including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Although any VPN provider that serves China would enable you to access blocked content but enlisted best VPN for China are ranked after thorough evaluation on the basis of available IPs, number of active servers, existence in multiple countries & region, and especially on the Chinese web user feedbacks.

What actually is China VPN?

Virtual Private Network or simply VPN hides your location and original IP address to by-pass zonal restrictions. China VPN is a special VPN service by any provider optimized to by-pass firewall of China. China VPN providers offer their users the capability to access all web content, freely and securely. A China VPN accomplishes this task by assigning its users with a unique IP address from a country other than China.

As an IP address is the means by which a computing device is identified on the internet, this switch in IP address helps China VPN users to temporarily attain a virtual identity from a different country and by-pass the Great Firewall of China. The best VPN for China offers its users a choice of various countries for selection of IP address.

Apart from a cost-effective solution of by-passing the Great Chinese Firewall, a China VPN also offers numerous other benefits to its users, like maintaining complete anonymity on the internet. Also, the combination of data tunneling and data encryption protect the data of the users from being read by hackers, spies, and agencies.

Unblock apps and widget with Best VPN for China

The Great Firewall of China has been deployed to keep their web space secured from threats. As stated by the China Internet Network Information Center, the amount of web clients in China is much larger than the current American populace that stands at around 313 million. There are 591 million web clients in China. Even Chinese phone don’t have all the same social networking widgets like users in other countries! Not unless they introduce China VPN. Best VPN for China allow users to unblock websites, apps and widget within the Chinese firewall.

Selection of China VPN

The only way for people in China to access popular social media, content steaming or news websites including Spotify, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu is through China VPN. However, there are many VPN service providers that have either been blacklisted in China or do not possess the technology to bypass the Great Firewall of China.

When you are acquiring the services of China VPN, make sure they are optimized for China. Our list of best VPN software for China also provides you with static and dynamic IP addresses to assist you in by-passing channels. A VPN server near China (like Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.) would work best – secondary choice would be servers on Western Coast of United States (San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc.) so ensure that your China VPN must have servers in said locations.

Always consider checking available protocols for connectivity while purchasing a China VPN. Best VPN for China must be compatible with at least SSTP and L2TP to grant you liberty to select between security and fast performance upon your desire. SSTP enables clients to establish a secure connection behind firewalls, NAT routers and web proxies over Port 443 (HTTPS) – SSTP protocol also don’t encounter typical port blocking issues. If you are on China VPN and require fast protocol, go for L2TP protocol – it is a reliable, less secured from SSTP but fastest among these two protocols.

Lastly, make sure that your best VPN for China offers stealth technology. Basically, Stealth technology is designed in a way that it will disguise your VPN traffic and thus provides you ease in defeating heavily imposed censorships and deep packet inspection and strong firewalls. So think wisely before choosing your best China VPN and make sure all the considerations are double checked.

How to Avoid Chinese DNS Server

Next step after rendering China VPN services is to deal with Chinese DNS server issue. Chinese authorities have implemented bulk filtering over their DNS servers. Users will receive no data or some bad data against most requests if using DNS server provided by local ISP. Avoiding Chinese DNS would unleash a whole new level of surfing.

In order to check your DNS Server, visit any of the following links:


If you figured that you are using Chinese DNS, change your DNS to any public DNS server or server provided by your China VPN provider. Few DNS server recommendations are as follow:

  • (Open DNS)
    • (Open DNS)
    • (Google DNS)
    • (Google DNS)

Key Takeaways

  • The Chinese Government controls the entire internet system of the country and restricts websites of country that could impose threat.
  • The government has put a Firewall that identifies and blocks any website that contains content against China’s interests.
  • The only secure way for public to access geo-limited websites is through VPN for China.
  • For business owners and senior executives, VPN for China works as a bridge to communicate with the world.
  • Notably, LinkedIn was blocked in China when Jasmine Revolution members allegedly used LinkedIn to organize protest.
  • Chinese Smart Phones do not have similar social media widgets as other phone users, unless they use a VPN optimized for China.

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