Best VPN for UK 2016 for Privacy & Unblocking

Solution to Known Issues

  • Access BBC, BBC iPlayer, UK TV, Channel 4, Love Film, iTV, etc. by connecting to one of the servers from the widespread server network.
  • Unblock The Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrent, Extra Torrent and other filesharing sites to enjoy unlimited torrenting and P2P filesharing worldwide.
  • Connect to a number of servers, deployed at different locations in UK.
  • Outstay the range of the UK intelligence collectors – the GCHQ and its spying partners; Fourteen Eyes.

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  • Non-UK Based
  • Torrent/P2P Allowed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • SSL Secured
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  • Non-UK Based
  • Torrent/P2P Allowed
  • Access All UK Based Channels
  • 5 Multi Logins
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It was not long ago when netizens around the globe access UK’s regional content with ease. The home of Premier League and Wimbledon has always been famous for its broadcasting. Unfortunate for cyberiates, United Kingdom has now become the hub of geo-constraint services which are considered best across the world. This limitation on viewing content on UK’s web region from other locations of the world is fast becoming a hassle for addicted British programs followers. Best VPN for UK is currently the most popular solution opted by tech geeks not just to by-pass geographical barriers but also to attain maximum online privacy and complete anonymity.

VPN Analysis has enlisted the 5 best VPN Service Providers for United Kingdom & England region, which are selected from numerous VPN services optimized for UK – driven by the best results from these 5 best UK VPN services we ranked the list in accordance to rating.

Recommended VPNs for United Kingdom

# Provider Price Link
1 $8.32PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
2 $6.49PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
3 $5.75PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
4 $5PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
5 $4.92PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review

UK newly passed Snooper’s Charter’ Bill

Recently, on 7th June 2016, the lawmakers of U.K passed another surveillance law which tightened the internet freedom of UK netizens by empowering spy agencies to strengthen massive surveillance and increase the rate of computer hacking. And it seems that digital privacy of Brits’ has been massacred violently after this controversial bill which was passed by U.K House of Commons by a vote of 444 to 69 despite of much opposition.

Privacy advocates and Civil rights groups sharply opposed the bill which has almost brought an end to the digital privacy of the Brits. And due to imposition of such strict UK policies, most of the British citizens have already turned towards securing their internet connectivity via best VPN for UK. It would surely be a wiser decision to get connected with a UK VPN and spoof your original IP than to become exposed in the digital world.

Why we recommend Express VPN for UK ..?

Reliability, security and blazing fast speed are just few norms used to define Express VPN in the industry. Apart from dedicated VPN servers to cope with the censorship & geo limitation issues in UK, Express VPN is equally capable to hide your original IP and location to ditch monitoring agencies and cyber criminals. With more than 136+ VPN server locations in 85+ countries and counting, Express VPN dominates on our list due to their 256 bit SSL secured network.

Express VPN is based in Virgin Islands where data retention laws are unbelievably lenient, enabling provider to give you complete anonymity by implementing zero log policy. Express VPN also grant you with unlimited bandwidth without any download limit. Our tech team at VPN Analysis has tested the speed on Express VPN on different protocols over UK servers – results were amazing.

ExpressVPN Speed Tests

Sign up for Express VPN now and enjoy HD streaming of your favorite UK Channels (BBC iPlayer, 4D, itv, Netflix UK, hulu, etc.) plus access all block websites and online services (Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, etc.)

  • Servers in UK: London, Berkshire, Kent, Maidenhead
  • Encryption Protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and OpenVPN (TCP, UDP)
  • Dedicated Client Software: Windows, Mac
  • Dedicated Apps: Android, iOS
  • Customer Support: 24/7 Live Chat, Contact Form, Email Support, Tutorials & FAQ Section
  • Payment Options: Bitcoin, PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Discover, Maestro and many more
  • Money-back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Simultaneous Connection: 3 with Single Account for instance PC/Mac, Smart Phone/Tablet, Console (Apple TV, PS4, Xbox, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, WD TV, Boxee Box, etc.)

UK TV Channels

Best UK VPN Service for Features – PureVPN

PureVPN is another reliable, fastest, secured and most economical VPN provider that stood second in our list of Best VPN for UK.  Theyoffer over 500+ servers that are online and deployed in 180 locations in total 141 countries worldwide. So that users can enjoy freedom connectivity anytime from anywhere they wish to for either bypassing censorships, unblock geo-restricted content,defeat IPS throttling or governmental surveillance.

On top of that, users can avail 5 multi-logins upon single VPN account to maximize their experience on tablet, laptop, mobile or PC simultaneously and enjoy the true internet freedom. However, if you are Windows user and wish to get more simultaneous connectivity for up to 10 devices than you can enjoy it with their newly added feature called “Virtual Router”. Additionally, features like internet kill switch, split tunneling, NAT firewall, DDoS protection etc. makes it simply a best VPN for UK.

Best UK VPN Service for Realibility – Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is considered one of the most secured and private VPN service that keeps no logs of their clients and encrypts all the users traffic via technologies like PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SOSCKS5 and OpenVPN. It has widespread server expansion in 35 locations with over 3340 servers that are deployed in 24 countries. Also it has high compatibility with all major platforms and handheld devices so that users can make use of the offered 5-simultenous connectivity on a single VPN account.

Additionally, it provides unrestricted access to geo-blocked or censored content in all the strict regimes plus users can unblock softwares blocked by ISP i.e. Voice over IP, peer-to-peer and numerous other software applications. Although, no “Live Chat” option provided by PIA but the support responses via email are usually within few minutes while 7-days money back guarantee makes it a service to best VPN for UK worthwhile.

Need for Best UK VPN

There are millions of die-hard fans for multitude of British streaming media content; top of the list is BBC iPlayer which brings you ads free, complete accessibility of recent shows, serials and dramas – Spotify which is premium digital music center with millions of songs – LoveFilm, one of the UK’s finest on-demand streaming video web space – Channel 4oD which offers thousands of on-demand videos and many more web based channels are blocked outside UK. This calls for a feasible solution for web users to by-pass the geographical restrictions imposed by these UK based websites; and the most convenient solution which gives you uninterrupted accessibility, speedy connectivity, quality performance and complete anonymous presence over the internet would be Best VPN Service UK.

Ensure Optimum Privacy with Best UK VPN Service

There are many added benefits comes with best VPN for UK, they don’t just unlock the doors of entertainment for internet user residing outside UK by unblocking geo-restricted content but also works as the finest tool to evade blanket surveillance from governmental authorities like GCHQ in United Kingdom – VPN for UK simply leaves no record for security and intelligence agencies to track or monitor your online activities.

Best VPN service UK not only allows you to by-pass increasing censored internet but helps you to browse anonymous; it ensure that your actual IP address and location is embedded with VPN server’s IP address and location – it restricts cyber criminals, online marketers, spammers and hackers to retrieve your sensitive information.

Dodge Surveillance and Censorship with Best VPN UK

United Kingdom, being in full compliance with Data Retention Directive of European Union there are more than 200 security & intelligence agencies along with Police which are authorized to access your personal data logged through Internet Service Providers (ISP), making your online privacy extremely vulnerable.

Furthermore, British authorities have banned more than 25 websites on account of illegal copyright violation which makes UK one of the countries with toughest censorship policy. And this is not just all, NSA of United States is working in collaboration with GHCQ of United Kingdom to torn up the privacy of web users – all these facts are adding up more and more for the requirement of a feasible solution, we recommend best UK VPN service. It allows you to access all censored website and by-pass high-level of surveillance.

Access UK based restricted websites from abroad

Any VPN service provider has servers deployed in different regions which allow VPN users with open access to the geo-restricted content. It also hides the real IP and original location of VPN users which protects their privacy. Best UK VPN has thousands of active IP which are allocated through deployed servers in different countries – you cannot only access UK based restricted content from abroad but also stream video content and websites from other restricted zone around the world. You can also switch server location if you wish to evade anti-copy right laws and intrusive surveillance of British authorities.

United Kingdom produces some of the greatest internet services and world class streaming media but unfortunately many of them are only viewable for the residents of Britain. Best UK VPN service providers enables you access these restricted content from anywhere in the world while staying secure and protected all the time.


Best UK VPN service providers offer their own server located in various countries and region which ensure that users will receive fast and secure connection, they also offer easy to use apps for almost all devices compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Best VPN for UK also protects your online data with their advance encryption technology making it impossible for hackers and security agencies to dig in or to monitor your activities. Apart from providing accessibility to all blocked UK websites it also unlocks all other website pertaining to any region. In short, it is the most economical way to unblock all restricted websites and content streaming media while securing your sensitive information.

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