Best VPN for Turkey in 2016


Solution to Known Issues

  • Bypass all filtrations, bans and geographical blockages over almost 8000 websites.
  • Evade the strong firewall placed by the Turkish Authority.
  • Sidestep on and off bans against the most popular websites such as WikiLeaks, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Blogger, Vimeo, WordPress, Twitter, Imgur, Minecraft and more.
  • Get out of the frustrations caused by the enforcement of the Internet Censorship Law No. 5651 by the Turkish government.

In the world full of advancements, think of an Internet connection that is followed by massive surveillance and censorships. Sweatening, isn’t it? Unfortunately, this is happening in Turkey! The Turkish authorities have put a ban on about 80,000 websites limiting the access of Internet for the people. Do you live in Turkey? Or do you often visit Turkey for business or other purposes? If yes, then be ready to face the extensive Internet filtering.

Our skilled researchers at VPN Anlysis have come up with a viable solution to it – the best Turkey VPN. Following is the table containing the top 5 best VPN for Turkey.

List of VPN for Turkey

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  • Three concurrent logins
  • 136+ VPN locations
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Censorship Over The Netizens in Turkey

Have you ever wondered to chat with your friends or do browsing or streaming on a projector in a public place where everyone can see whatever you do? Probably NO! Netizens in Turkey have no privacy or security over the internet. So, don’t wait, just download the best VPN for Turkey and go anonymous with it!

The Turkish government has put in lots of expenditure to establish the restriction firewall over the use of internet. They log everything that is done on the Internet no matter what it is. The government has the right to ask for the data to the Internet Service Providers when needed. All the online traffic sent and received goes through the Turk Telecom Infrastructure which has a full control over all the online content. They even hold the right to shut down or delete anything they find inappropriate or offensive.

Evade The Strong Firewall By Turkey VPN

The solution to overcome the Internet Censorship Act is to use an optimized service of best Turkish VPN. It will hide your original IP and enable you to browse privately. Obviously, in a country with a massive amount of governmental online surveillance, you must get frustrated and never support such an immense type of law enforcement. So, no need to get isolated; stay connected with your favorite content. Fight back by downloading a Turkey VPN in your system. And get benefited by its remarkable features.

Best VPN For Turkey

We have listed the best VPN for Turkey according to the efficiency, workability and usability of it. You just have to check which Turkish VPN goes well with your requirements. Mentioned VPN services above are suitable for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Linux, iOS etc. Just choose a best VPN for Turkey and get connected to the world of secure Internet. No matter you want to watch a TV show online or tweet with your friends, the Turkey VPN will assist you in any way.

Once you have installed the best Turkey VPN, your system will act like a jet plane. You just have to fly over the restrictive barriers and get access to your desired content. It provides you supreme privacy, high speed and great security.

What will the Best VPN for Turkey do for you?

The primary objective for a best VPN for Turkey is to mask your original IP address. It tricks your Internet Service Provider by masking your IP address. It encrypts all your data and prevents your ISP to keep a log of your data and activities. So, you cannot be monitored anymore. Now you can browse or stream privately and more securely over the internet. It will even protect you from third party apps from reading your chats and communications. It ensures unlimited bandwidth and premium speed.

Best Turkey VPN will unblock filtering anywhere over the internet. It will unblock your favorite websites viz. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and any website for you from any location. If you have installed the best Turkish VPN, then you are free to write any website in your address bar and go for it!

What caused the Turkish Government to ban thousands of websites?

The unrest in Turkey caused the Turkish government to react in a manner to cease and control the situation. There are many reasons which caused the Turkish government to ban such a huge number of websites. The prime reason was the frequent online posts and shares of an image of a prosecutor who belonged to Turkey. He was held captive at gunpoint in the image and later was killed. This results in the ban of all those websites and even newspapers who published the image and news. Such images prove to be depressing for the person’s family; the ban was also to protect the descendant’s family and minors.

We strongly support to ban such websites causing environment of violence and insecurity, but to restrict access to all other harmless websites with thousands of viewers from Turkey is questionable. The government needs to create a sophisticated methodology to evaluate website so that violent website can easily be distinguished from the legitimate ones.

Internet Law Of Censorship

Turkey had established no systematic legal approach to block websites. The websites were not blocked by any described rule or regulation until the enactment of The Internet Censorship Law. The Internet Censorship Law No. 5651 of Turkey was passed in May, 2007. The law is responsible to control and block all those websites which publish pirated, offensive or inappropriate content. For this they have a catalogue containing nine crimes that were described by other National Laws.

If they find any web falling under any mentioned nine categories of crime, they block and censor it. This is unfair as the website must contain the inappropriate content on a particular page or pages. But they block the whole website bereaving the Turkish of all its contents even if they are useful.

You don’t get worried about that. If you are in Turkey for any reason and want to access any censored website then you must install a Turkey VPN and forget about your troubles.

Why can’t I Access my Desired Websites from Turkey?

This is not the first time that Turkey has put a ban over many famous websites. The content of the hostage of the Turkish prosecutor was posted in many websites. Content removal requests were sent to those websites. A number of popular websites were blocked such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube. According to the Twitter’s 2014 Transparency Report, Twitter got the content removal requests from Turkey five times than any other country.

According to Bianet in 2015, there was a gradual rise in attacks over the opposition media which results in the censorship of 101 websites and 40 twitter accounts. Other websites being blocked on and off such as, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress,, Vimeo, Minecraft and YouTube. The ban was every time for a different reason. The basic reasons for blocking are publication about terrorism, corruption, inappropriate content or crime against the state.

Stay Safe From The Man In The Middle Attack Through Your Best VPN For Turkey

At present, the Turkish government is itself acting as a man in the middle attack by putting a massive amount of surveillance and censorships. In spite of it we should not forget about other hackers and thieves who can steal your information anytime they want! Using best Turkey VPN, you create a tunnel between you and the server. The VPN does not allow anyone to enter the tunnel. But in case, if anyone manages to enter the tunnel, he would not be able to see anything but encrypted data…

So, whether it is the Turkish government or a wicked hacker, you are always safe while behind a Turkey VPN. Keep the Turkish government and hackers out of your business details and credentials. You can do whatever you want. Nobody will be able to track your activities now. This is one of the core reasons why we recommend the services of best Turkish VPN to ensure your privacy remains unharmed.


Recently, Turkey achieved a medal for Unfair Internet Censorship by blocking thousands of most popular websites. Netizens are facing a big trouble due to it. Our VPN guide has provided you a beneficial yet feasible solution that is Turkey VPN. Just render the services and install the best Turkey VPN in your device and unblock all your favorite content at any website irrespective of your location. Whether you are in Istanbul or Ankara, you can bypass any geo-restrictive barrier. Grab your handheld device now or log on to your system and click one among the 5 best VPN for Turkey according to your needs, then you will be free to dive in the ocean of SECURE Internet and SAFE surf..!

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