Best VPN Software 2016 with Reliability and Security



  • Browse the web with ultimate freedom from snoopers and cyber-criminals.
  • Complete online security while using public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Evade strict censorship issues and anonymity protection from government surveillance and mass monitoring.
  • Bypass geo-restricted domains; enjoy blocked streaming and P2P file sharing.

Evolution in technology brings best VPN software in the list of mandatories, whether you wish to restrict eavesdroppers to infiltrate your online privacy or prevent unwelcome surveillance from government agencies – VPN client software provides you with a secure passage.

It also eliminate the chances of sniffing while you are connected to a rogue public Wi-Fi, plus best VPN software permits you access geo-restricted content media like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, NBC and lot more. Check out the list of best VPN software 2016 compiled after in-depth assessment by technical experts at VPN Analysis.

List of Best VPN Software in 2016

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  1. PureVPN

PureVPN is one of the feature enriched VPN provider with exclusive features like internet kill switch and DNS leak protection offering a very cost-effective pricing plan within your pocket range. This VPN provider is headquartered in Hong Kong which means it is free from any data retention laws and regulations and thus possesses a zero-log policy and can be well settled in the list of best VPN client software.

  1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN provides the users an ease of surfing safely over the internet without any bandwidth limitations or data caps. With its no log policy and high compatibility on different devices, ExpressVPN appears top of the list of best VPN software. This British Virgin Island based VPN provider has an excellent 24/7 customer support delivering fastest speed and quality performance with an exceptional 30 day money back guarantee.

  1. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access VPN has a widespread server collection offering unlimited server switching on multiple screens. The PIA DNS and IPv6 leak protection are the specialized features which only few VPN provider have offered to their customers. Along with these ad-on features and easy to use software, you can surf smoothly without any fear of being logged over the internet via best VPN software.

  1. Torguard

Torguard – US based VPN provider has improved its services by offering new add-ons in its recent upgrade. Therefore, for being one of the best VPN services in market offering such cool features and excellent services, we have placed it in our recommended list of best VPN software.

  1. TrustZone

Trustzone offers a great deal for torrent lovers as it has optimized servers for P2P filesharing which provides great speed with steady connectivity so that users might enjoy seamless torrenting. It also provides anonymous proxy service along with anonymous VPN in its Bundle offer. So if you are looking for best VPN software providing unlimited bandwidth range along with unlimited downloading than Trustzone will be the best choice.

What is VPN Software..?

VPN Software is an extension of private network over public network, where discrete systems located at distant location are linked as in private network – since devices are not physically part of network, it is called Virtual Private Network or VPN. It allows user to transmit data over shared or public network via secure channel.

The secure tunnel created by VPN client software encrypts your data, mitigating the chances of snooping caused by cyber criminals. VPN client software establishes a direct connection from client’s device to VPN server. This point to point connectivity through dedicated tunnel use different encryption protocol for data security.

Use of VPN Client Software

Originally the VPN services were designed to enable businesses connect with remote server locations. Employees utilize this service to connect with company’s private network and access network resources while they are not physically present at the location. This feature also protects their privacy when communicating, as it encrypts traffic going across.

Nowadays, VPN services are also utilized by individuals to secure their online privacy and access geographically restricted regions. Various service providers are offering VPN client software to keep users’ privacy intact when connected to internet hub especially when they are linked via un-trusted public network. With the rise of potential threat in cyber-crimes and hacking incident, VPN software presents a reliable yet effective method to stay secure.

Advantages of Best VPN Software

Numerous advantages are associated with best VPN software; ultimate anonymity, enhanced security, access to regional restricted domains, shielded remote connectivity, by-pass filters and censorship issues, better performance.

However, said advantages are not delivered by every VPN software provider that is why we brought you the list of best VPN client software to ensure you get optimum security at feasible pricing structure. It is one of the most useful tools available on internet at affordable rates, which provides you with multitude of advantages:

  • Hides your online activities from ISP and Government Agencies.
  • By-pass censorship imposed at office, school, or from government.
  • Access to geographically restricted website and services.
  • Encrypt traffic to protect user while using Public Wifi hotspot.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and Unlimited download.
  • Secure connectivity to P2P file-sharing and torrenting networks.
  • Enable fast and high definition streaming to online channels like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, NBC network, HBO Go and many more.

How Best VPN Client Software Secures your Privacy

The beauty of best VPN software is anonymity. It hides your actual IP and physical location; masking it with the IP address and location of the VPN server you have selected making it nearly impossible for hackers and snoopers to track you. Plus it encrypts all the incoming and outgoing data to keep you secure from prying eyes.

Generally, netizens access streaming or other remote services, browse through internet, check e-mail, or logged on to some social media website; but they wish to perform said tasks without worrying about hacking attacks, malicious outbreak, tracking by marketers or unwanted online surveillance. Best VPN Client Software ensures their anonymity remains intact, even when they are connected to a rogue public hotspot. Military grade encryption by VPN software mitigates the risk of information leakage.

Features of Best VPN Software

The VPN industry is a competitive one, the best provider needs to offer special feature to stay ahead of the competition. Our listed VPN software providers have added top of the line features for enhance security and ease of usage. These value added features are available in best VPN client software; users’ can easily activate them according to their requirement.

  • DNS Leak Protection

DNS leak would occur when your system uses normal DNS servers provided by your ISP. It will enable your ISP and other concerning bodies to track down all your online activities thus making the acquisition of VPN software useless. However, best VPN client software has built-in feature of DNS leak protection to secure your anonymity won’t be compromised.

  • Internet Kill Switch

This option secures your data from leakage. VPN software re-route all traffic from secure tunnel, in case your VPN accidentally got disconnected the internet your original IP address and location would be visible to the world especially if you connected with P2P network, internet kill switch halt your internet traffic to ensure your identity won’t be compromised. If you are more concerned about online privacy, go for best VPN software with ‘Internet Kill Switch’ feature.

  • Port Forwarding

Port forwarding assists in connecting through the firewall that will block certain ports. Generally, OpenVPN TCP Port 442 is considered useful for normal internet traffic. This option is available in best VPN software.

  • Auto-Connect & Auto-Login

Best VPN client software provides you with the option of automatically sign-in, when you login. Although it is not a mandatory feature but it ensures that every online activity is protected by VPN shield. Plus the auto-login feature saves time by archiving your login credentials, so that you don’t have to enter your credentials again and again on trusted devices.

  • VPN Server Selection & Statistics

Best VPN software offers many servers at preferred locations like US, UK, Canada, Australia, China and European countries. Server information about latency signal (Ping) and Traffic Load are provided by the VPN client. Make sure that your selected VPN software possess respective feature to notify ping time and server load. Also ensure that your selected VPN client allows you switch between different servers.

  • Protocol Selection and Switching

Numerous protocols are offered by best VPN software including PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN. Each protocol has its own advantages and encryption level, VPN provide you convenient option within the client software to switch between different protocols.


Selection of adequate VPN software is critical, your privacy and online security lies with it. After analyzing different leading and useful VPN software, our tech team came up with 5 best VPN software providers in the industry.

Evaluation criteria of our team is based various aspects including number of servers and their locations, number of shared dynamic IP, easy setup, user friendly interface, connection speed and stability, log policy, VPN performance, level of encryption protocols and other key factors which are mandatory for online security and privacy.

In depth analysis and reviews of listed best VPN software is available on our website. Get secure now by acquiring the leading VPN client in the industry.

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