5 Best VPNs List for 2016

Without a doubt the evolution of internet brings the world on your doorsteps but it comes with a price of user’s privacy – the social media surely links you to friends and family living across the ocean but it also drags the tracking and monitoring of your online activities along. We definitely are getting used to these technological blessings but we have the right to protect ourselves from attackers, online marketers, spammers and security agencies like NSA and GCHQ. Here the savoir is Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN Analysis brings the list of best VPN providers in the industry – best VPN list consist of service providers which are acknowledged as the most reliable, economical and secured ones in VPN sector.

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It protects your data connection over internet by using modern encryption – whenever you login from an unsecured location or connection like public Wifi at coffee shop or airport lobby, you are at potential risk to be hacked or easily tracked by attackers – fortunately, you can protect your data and sensitive information using a VPN service.

Apart from providing you the secure access to the internet service providers in the best VPN list grants you free entry to geo-restricted content – you can unblock Hulu and Hulu Plus, Netflix, CNN, BBC iPlayer, WWE or any restricted website or web service which is inaccessible before due to geographical constraint. If you are into news or a wrestling follower best VPN list sure have the solution for you.

List of best VPN also include the service providers which are recognized worldwide for seamless torrenting – if you are a torrent user and famous torrent clients are blocked in your region or country, top VPNs are the key to solve said issue. Our list of best VPN providers has recommended VPNs to unblock all torrent software including uTorrent, Vuze, Deluge, etc.

The good thing about best VPN list is that all its service providers have compatibility with well-known operating systems like WindowsAndroid and MAC. Mentioned top VPN providers are also compatible with different devices including smartphones and tablets.

So whether you are logging from remote location or unsecured Wifi terminal, best VPN list has one VPN service provider that would match your desired requirement. Benefits of VPN in top VPN list are no limited – like if you render the services of any top VPN to unblock BBC, you will get the protection and security of VPN along with it. Signup for any VPN provider from our best VPN list and start surfing securely and anonymously.

Selection Criteria of VPN

Analyzing the product before making a purchase is considered as wise-men norm. VPN Analysis tech team research and evaluate various popular VPN services to bring the best VPN service; we got a set of selection criterion for this purpose, let’s check them out.

  • Do they offer strong encryption protocols..?

Most VPN providers encrypts your incoming and outgoing data, making it difficult for hackers and cyber criminals to access your confidential information like credit card info. Ideally, VPN should offer encryption protocols over 256-bits. PPTP works on 128-bits but it is recommended for streaming geo-restricted content. L2TP/IPSec and SSTP works on 256-bits encryption, highly secured but it will affect the speed of your internet connection.

  • Do they offer OpenVPN or custom built encryption protocol..?

OpenVPN is considered as the best combination implying high speed with security. It offers 256-bits encryption protocol as L2TP/IPSec and SSTP but the reduction caused in users’ internet speed is minimal. Also, custom-built encryption protocol working on 256-bit are popular among VPN users for instance VyprVPN offers their propriety protocol Chameleon, highly secured and equally effective to by-pass Great Firewall of China.

  • Do they accept Bitcoin for ultimate anonymity..?

Anonymity is one the key factor why public lean towards VPN services. Bitcoin offers complete anonymity while make purchases. Your original identify remains undisclosed – if you are looking for ultimate anonymity go for VPN services with Bitcoin payment option. Here are few best VPN providers with Bitcoin support; ExpressVPN, PureVPN, IPVanish, etc.

  • Do they keep activity logs..?

Maintaining Zero-log policy is necessary for Privacy. Nobody likes unwelcomed monitoring of their online activity. If you are about to render the services of VPN make sure your provider incorporates zero-log policy. ExpressVPN, PureVPN and IPVanish are few reliable names in the industry with zero-log policy.

  • Do they allow P2P file sharing and torrenting..?

Whether you are studying material, researches, TV shows, movies, manuals, tutorials, or anything else you can think off – there is no better platform than P2P file sharing or torrenting. Most ISP block torrenting access to save their bandwidth or they limit bandwidth & downloading – VPN allows to download unlimited files from torrenting clients. ExpressVPN, PureVPN and IPVanish has recommended servers for uninterrupted accessibility of torrent.

  • How many devices can be connected simultaneously..?

This is one serious issue now days, even a single user has multiple devices and gadgets. Personal laptop, office desktop, tablet and your mobile device – most VPN provider offer simultaneous connection to two devices with single account. If you are interested in attaching more than 2 devices with single account at a time; PureVPN offers 5, Private Internet Access offers 5, ExpressVPN offers 3 and VyprVPN offers 3 multi-logins on their premium account.

  • Do they use dynamic or shared IP addresses..?

Dynamic IP address raises red flag; it means same IP address will be assigned to for a default period – you can be tracked through it for instance you are accessing a streaming service from a restricted location with same IP address, your account may got banned if noticed. We recommend dynamic (shared) IP address to ensure your privacy remains intact without any evident proof of your online activities. HideMyAss offers 91,000+, while PureVPN offers 60,000+ IP addresses including both dynamic and shared IPs.

  • Does your VPN support your Operating System and Mobile Device..?

Another important evaluation before purchasing a VPN service is to check the platform support of your provider. Mostly best VPN providers has support for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platform, plus they have tutorial & setup manual available for Linux, Gaming Consoles and Routers.
Dedicated apps for your Android, iOS or Windows based mobiles are optimized by VPN providers to give you the best performance in term of speed, security and efficiency. Make sure your provider has dedicated app for your gadget. Best VPN services like ExpressVPN, IPVanish, PureVPN, Private Internet Access has dedicated app designed especially for Android, iOS and Windows based mobiles and tablets.

  • Do they have your required Server Locations..?

Most important locations like US, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, China are in demand of VPN users’ worldwide. Ensure they offer enough servers in mentioned locations to cater great number of VPN users with load balancing features so that your service quality won’t be compromised. ExpressVPN has servers in 97+ cities across 78+ countries, PureVPN has more than 500 VPN servers worldwide, IPVanish has 199+ VPN servers, Private Internet Access has more 2900 servers worldwide from which users can connect from anywhere across the globe.

  • Where is your VPN provider based..?

National laws effect the company policies to a greater extent. Surveillance and Monitoring agencies like NSA and GCHQ are potential treat to online freedom of netizens. There are few leading VPN services who are based in region where censorship and data retention laws are unbelievably lenient, ensuring that neither your activities are monitored nor logs are maintained. ExpressVPN is based in Virgin Islands and PureVPN is based in Hong Kong.

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