Best VPN for Mac 2016 for Ultimate Online Privacy


Best VPN for Mac Summary

  • Get rid of the ever-snooping eyes of the hackers, vandals and the man-in-the-middle-attacks.
  • Save your personal and confidential data from getting infected by the macro viruses, malwares, worms, Trojan horses and spywares such as Flashfake Botnet, Koobface, WireLurker, Defender etc.
  • Enjoy seamless speeds and buffer-free streaming on your favorite channels like HBO Go, Freeform, Hulu and others.

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Privacy has always remained the prime concern of everyday users; no matter they access the internet hub via PC, Mac or any Gadgets. Best VPN for Mac proved to be the most reliable yet economical solution to secure your online presence and provide ultimate anonymity – as narrated by the tech experts. VPN Analysis recommends Express VPN for your Mac, as a ‘set and forget’ sort of service to keep your privacy intact and virtually roam around the world without facing geo-restrictions.

The compiled list of best VPN for Mac assist you to unblock websites, stream region-limited channels, encrypted connectivity for enhance security, avoid censorship issues, bypass ISP Packet Inspection, and enjoy unlimited downloading.

List of 5 Best VPN Services for Mac

# Provider Price Link
1 $8.32PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
2 $2.87PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
3 $4.99PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
4 $3.33PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review
5 $2.66PER MONTH Visit SiteRead Review

Ensure Security with Best VPN for Mac

A virtual private network or simply VPN is considered as the best tool that ensures your security and privacy while you are online. Whenever your data packets go through a public network, for instance at hospital lobby, subway station, or cafe – potential risk for hacking of data is very high. Even in this evolutionary era of technology no device manufacturing company can guarantee the confidentiality and safety of your information up to 100% while you are connected to the internet hub.

However, there are multitude of methods, protocols and procedures to minimize the risk involved in losing the concealment of your data. We believe VPN works wonders in this regard i.e. minimizing the risk of privacy breach when you are wired to a network including all; private network, work network, home network and especially public networks.

Apple Stepping Into Open Source Community!

Apple is the most renowned company that is considered as secure for its walled-garden environment. However, Apple has finally started to step into the open source community. That is to say, Apple has announced that “Open source software is at the heart of Apple’s platform” and is seen to be actively participating in many open source projects. HTML rendering engine for Safari is one of those software used by Apple.

In addition to this, Apple has strangely revealed the source code of the core components of Mac line operating system called Darwin. These open source components include portions of BSD Unix core, major parts of Mac OS kernel and a number of other drivers. Apple says that, they will welcome any suggestions, recommendations or modifications by the developers to the open source core components that have been made available for download.

Although Apple has stepped into open source community making the source codes of their core components available to download, but they claim that this will make their devices more robust in security. However, one should never take risk for their personal data, thus to stay on a safe side, you can always select a best VPN for Mac that will work to spoof your identity and location.

Recent Mac OS X Vulnerabilities

According to CRN, reports from the study of CVE detail revealed earlier this year about OS X to be the most vulnerable software in comparison with its counterpart Windows. These security flaws may pose a serious threat to the security of Mac but won’t surely last forever, as said by the Thomas Reed (Director of Mac Offerings). These vulnerabilities are defined as under:

  • Pegasus

Apple has recently released someurgent security update fixes to Mac desktop and laptops which run OS X El Capitan and Yosemite soon after the discovery of a vulnerability known as “Pegasus”. This malware has been described as the “Most sophisticated spyware” ever seen. Pegasus is capable of turning the devices into spying tool and let hackers take full control of iDevices.

The malware is believed to be developed by a secretive intelligence company called NSO Group which was discovered in August, 2016. The spyware is sent in a text message to the targeted device which consists of a clickable link. Once, the user clicks on the malicious link, it is downloaded and enters the system via Safari Web Browser accessing all information on your device.

  • KeRanger

On 4th March 2016, Paul Alto Networks detected the ransomware named as “KeRanger” targeting files such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, videos and photos in Mac OS X. KeRanger affected two installers of the transmission BitTorrent client version 2.90.But on March 5, Apple cancelled the software certificate while the transmission site eliminated the infected software.

  • Sparkle

Vulnerability was recently discovered inSparkle software updater in February that leaves numerous third-part Mac apps under high risk. One of the software engineer Radek discovered if the vulnerability is exploited, it could intercept traffic between application and user and allow hackers to carry out Man-in-the-middle attack. However, as the vulnerability was revealed in a blog post, Sparkle along with some of its app developers has fixed the issue in its latest released version.

  • Symantec Vulnerability

Recently in May, Google researcher Tavis Ormandy discovered vulnerability in one of the anti-virus software Symantec that affected Window, Mac and Linux computers. The vulnerability could allow you root-level control over a system by triggering the memory buffer overflow just when an antivirus engine scans the infected email. But delightedly Symantec has fixed the prevailing issue.

Threats for Mac Users

Although Mac is considered way more protected from hacking attacks and spamming than windows platform but still the said phenomena also apply when Macintosh user goes online, irrespective of their different operating systems (like Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks).

Beside the hackers there are other major concerns of Mac users regarding their privacy like marketers, online promoters and social network who are constantly tracking your activities – they maintain a database of users’ interest and favorites than present you advertisement pertaining to your interest.

And that is not all, another powerful threat comes in the form of security agencies – if you are in United States your activities are monitored by NSA – if you are in United Kingdom, GCHQ is monitoring your online activities. Similarly, there are different agencies monitoring and maintaining logs of internet user including Mac users.

The Perfect Solution – Mac VPN

In February, 2014 a major security flaw was detected in desktop and laptop systems running Mac OS X – it was named as “goto-fail” code bug, which according to apple officials enables hackers to modify and capture data packets during online sessions, these sessions are secured via encryption methods of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS).

In case of an attack Mac user can lose their emails, financial data and other sensitive information from their system. Although, the issue was resolved by apple through a software patch after couple of weeks but it discloses the facts that Mac OS is vulnerable to be spied or hacked.

Research shows that one of the easiest and affordable methods to secure your identity over internet is provided by VPN for Mac operating system. VPN Analysis, after evaluating tens of VPN’s for Mac rank the top five (5) Best VPN for Mac on the basis of security, encryption method, number of active servers, availability in different regions, software performance, and of course reasonable pricing. Our methodology for evaluating Mac VPN providers is simple – we rank the VPN services for Mac according to the feedback provided by our research team and users.

Core Benefits of best VPN for Mac

Although, majority of Mac users render VPN services to keep their privacy intact and as a protective shield against potential hacking incidents but there are other advantages which can be obtained via best VPN for Mac. It grants global accessibility with any limitation caused by regional restrictions, you can stream NetflixBBC iPlayer, Pandora,ABC FamilyHBO Go and plenty of other websites.

Even if you are in the native region where these services are enabled, you certainly need a quality VPN service to unblock favorite channels when you left the country for business or went on vacations. Best VPN for Mac ensures that you won’t miss a single episode of your favorite TV show or awaited feature film.

Public Wi-Fi is a blessing for sure, except that it carries a risk to be hacked or being monitored. Best VPN for Mac protect your Apple device by encrypting your outgoing and incoming data, plus making it least prone to cybercrimes by masking your original IP address and actual location.

Why best VPN for Mac?

Honestly speaking there are various methods to minimize tracking, monitoring, and reducing the chances of security breach but not one of them is as economical, effective, and easy to purchase & deploy as VPN for Mac. If you are willing to surf invisible just go for the best Mac VPN, after all Apple has great built-in support for VPN in OS X.

Whether you are using lion, snow leopard or mavericks best VPN for Mac gives you the liberty to surf on the internet without being monitored by agencies or online promoters. Mac VPN providers assure that your actual credentials will not be revealed to hackers by encrypting your real information with a false one.

Evaluate the Features of Best VPN for Mac

VPN service may consume extensive internet speed if they are not backed by high-end servers; throttling, buffering and interruption can take all the joy of equation. Quality service provider either offer trial period or money back guarantee for self-evaluation of the committed service. Do check that your VPN provider gives you military grade security but don’t forget that fast connectivity is equally important.

Best VPN providers also allow users to connect with different devices belonging to different platforms; so before acquiring a service do ensure that your VPN Company has strong support for multiple platform support. We have only included service provider with dedicated software client for Mac OS. Moreover, services like Express VPN also offer dedicated apps for iOSAndroid and client software for Windows.

Finally, number and location of deployed servers matters a lot – if you about to unblock US based content and your service provide haven’t deployed any server there, then it won’t serve your purpose. So, do confirm that you VPN provider have enough servers deployed in the region you wish to access.

How to Setup VPN on Mac – PPTP | L2TP/IPSec | Cisco IPSec

Apple integrates built-in support for common connection types of VPN in their Mac OS X. Configuring VPN services in OS Mavericks and OS Mountain Lion is almost similar. In this section, we will guide you on setting up VPN on your Mac using PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, Cisco IPSec and OpenVPN. You are required to enter configuration settings in Network Preference to connect with a VPN.

There are few things you need before configuring a VPN connection. It includes VPN Server IP Address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN), account credentials (user name and password), and preferred connection type. These details are normally sent by VPN provider on your registered email address.

Complete list of VPN servers is available on every best VPN for Mac service provider. You can select among PPTP, L2TP/IPSec or Cisco IPSec – these connection types are provided in Mac OS by default. However, if you wish to get connected via OpenVPN, you need to download a third party app from app store.

All best VPN providers offer dedicated client software for Mac OS. Once you run their setup, it will automatically import the required settings. To setup VPN manually on your Mac follow these simple steps.

  1. Select Apple ‘Menu’ and Go to ‘System Preferences’ and Click on ‘Network’.
  2. At the bottom of network connection services list click Add ‘+’ and select VPN from the interface menu.
  3. Now, select VPN connection type of your preference – PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, Cisco IPSec. Select a name of your choose for this VPN setup.
  4. Enter ‘VPN Server Address’ and ‘Account Name’ for your VPN connection.
  5. Select ‘Authentication Settings’ and enter provided credentials – User Name and Password.
  6. To finalize the configuration, Select ‘Ok’ and Click on ‘Connect’.
  7. Select the option ‘Show VPN Status in Menu Bar’ – Users’ can connect directly to VPN from VPN status icon.
  8. You can remove VPN from ‘Network Connection’ by selecting particular VPN and Clicking on Delete ‘-‘option.

Setup VPN Connection on Mac using OpenVPN

Apple hasn’t included the OpenVPN in their default connection type. You have to download a third party client to connect with VPN via OpenVPN. Tunnelblick is one of the recommended open source applications on the official website of OpenVPN. After installing TunnelBlick, launch the application. It will ask for requisite configuration files of .ovpn file extension, it is mandatory needed to connect with any OpenVPN client. These files can be obtained from your OpenVPN server provider. For any different type of VPN network, you have to acquire different third party VPN client, compatible with that type of network.

Final Verdict

Mac VPN provides you with uncompromising security and assured safety by their distinct encryption protocols. These protocols encrypt your data while your sensitive information goes to internet, best VPN softwares for Mac would mask your real IP, location and other credentials leaving nothing for the attacker to feast upon. Also best VPN for Mac enables you to connect with any of their server deployed at different regional locations – this feature allows you to attain a temporary IP and bypass all geo-restricted area and censorship barriers.

If you are a Mac user and desire to achieve absolute confidentiality, privacy & anonymity during surfing, VPN Analysis enlist the five (5) best VPN for Mac  to select from – they assure complete security, high performance, high availability and feasible pricing.

4 thoughts on “Best VPN for Mac 2016 for Ultimate Online Privacy”

  1. Why are you recommending Express VPN as the best. Is Express VPN actually the best VPN for Mac users..?
    I am a bit confused should I go for economical VPN or finest quality VPN service..? does cheap VPN services are able to provide me with satisfactory performance..?

    1. I think where the VPN main office should be a consideration. For example, it’s my understanding that US law requires that US based VPN companies store logs of all users. If that is the case, your surfing is only private for as long as it takes the NSA to access those logs!

    1. Hi Joshua

      Yes ExpressVPN offers dedicated VPN client for its Mac users. Once you signup they will provide you their Mac clients “Mac App 4.0”, “Mac App 3.X” and you can also manually configure through their detailed step by step Manual Setup. We have recommended it because our team at VPNAnlysis tested ExpressVPN and other services and found that it is the best among all. You can use it on other Apple devices like iPad and iPhone.

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