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Ever since 2014, Popcorn Time has emerged to be the most popular torrent streaming platform that utilizes BitTorrent technology. Basically it is a TV and movie streaming program that is less riddled with advertisements with no content licensing restrictions. But the fact is thatPopcorn Time stream vast collection of pirated video content from torrent sites and this might cause you a greater risk of copyright infringement.

Therefore, to avoid getting indulge in privacy related issues, protect yourself with Popcorn Time VPNto stream and download simultaneously. And enjoywatching your favorite content that is being downloaded “on-the-fly”.

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Infringement issues in past with Popcorn Time

The first instance that targets the Popcorn Time in particular was the lawsuit that was filed against 11 people for pirating the Adam Sandler comedy movie “The Cobbler” in 2014. In fact, the film makers requested legal damage of up to $ 150,000 but the defendants were likely supposed to receive settlements for relatively less.Similarly another case took place in Germany where Popcorn Time users were fined with heavy cash settlements by Waldorf Frommer law firm for streaming pirated content.

And in 2015, the official downloads of Popcorn Time were blocked by the government of Israel under a lawsuit filed for copyright infringement by their biggest cable and satellite providers. But later the ban was reversed by the government within the same month.

By now in 2016, the situation has been better as none of the leading forks i.e. Popcorn, Popcorn, (PTCE) have been targeted for infringement issues and are freely available as well which is quite fortunate.

Why Popcorn time is considered risky?

Although the beautiful user-interface offering all latest releases makes Popcorn Time an alternate against the other streaming giant i.e. Netflix and no doubt users can browse ad-free TV shows and movies on-demand in a simple click.

But the fact behind the scene is that, it is lot like the other torrent softwares that downloads and shares the movies, films or TV content via P2P BitTorrent protocol. It means that the downloaded torrent is seeded with others users in the BitTorrent swarm. This process of downloading content by others continues until the movie is deleted after closing the application.

However, enjoying Popcorn Time without cloaking your original IP address can be quite risky. Therefore before using Popcorn Time, it is recommended to spend a few bucks to unblock Popcorn Time with VPN tomask your IP address and grant you access to Popcorn Time securely on its torrent approved servers.

Use Popcorn Time anonymously with a VPN

You might wonder at times that if Popcorn Time is a free service then why you should pay your valued money to use Popcorn Time anonymously with a VPN? Well the thing is, although Popcorn Time app is well-polished and brought easiest downloading of the streaming HD content. But the sleek interface can leads to an illusion that Popcorn Time functions in accordance with safe and secure streaming technology. However, the fact remains prevailed that the app is considered as “Netflix for Pirates”.

Therefore, to avoid any annoying circumstances while streaming and downloading pirated movies or video content, users’ are advised to opt for any of the best VPN for Popcorn Time from above and make your identity anonymous among the users in the BitTorrent swarm.

Benefits of using Popcorn Time VPN

VPN services are always beneficial to maximize the online freedom. Particularly, when it comes to streaming, torrenting, filesharing or bypassing geo-restrictions over the internet, the user might look around for alternates to avoid these circumstances. Thus, we have jotted few benefits to use Popcorn Time anonymously with a VPN.

• Private IP address

Using a best VPN for Popcorn Time, you can hide your actual existence over the internet. They masks your real IP address with one of their private IP addresses so that you may not be visible to the snooping eyes of cybercriminals, ISPs and other surveillance agencies. In addition to masking your IP, Popcorn Time VPN creates an encrypted channel which directs all your online traffic from your end to the VPN server. This encryption is military-graded enabling you to be really anonymous while using Popcorn Time.

• Torrent Approved servers

Using Popcorn Time can be frustrating when a user faces over crowdedness on servers which can lead to slow streaming and downloading of your movie or TV show. Best VPN for Popcorn Time will provide you servers of torrent-friendly locations that are least crowded and will ultimately enhance your streaming and downloading experience on Popcorn Time.

• No logging Policy

It is imperative to look for a VPN that holds no log of users especially when it comes to torrenting. This is because if a VPN provider keeps log of users then all your torrenting activities can be easily monitored or tracked by the provider who might sold it to the third party. Similarly by using best VPN for Popcorn Time which keeps no log will ease your way towards safe, private and secure torrenting.

Beware! Popcorn Time without a VPN is unsafe

Popcorn Time is a free open-source platform for torrent lovers and technically there is no harm using it without a VPN. But the consequences of using Popcorn Time without masking your original can lead you vulnerable of getting charged with hefty amount or being imprisoned.

This is because, Popcorn Time utilizes BitTorrent technology and implements public tracker with which everyone can monitors others downloading and sharing activities. And your IP address can reveal your true identity along with your downloading history. Thus, ultimately you might be sued or charged with heavy penalties for illegal downloading over Popcorn Time.

Can a free VPN be beneficial for using Popcorn Time?

Doing illegal stuffs online can always lead you in danger. That is why it is recommended to avoid free VPN services especially for torrent downloading via programs like Popcorn Time. The reason behind is that those free services will no doubt grant you access to enjoy torrenting but with limited bandwidth range. Thus it will surely spoil your overall Popcorn Time experience.

Moreover, the server expansion is not too large and the ones that are offered mostly do not supports torrenting or P2P filesharing. Additionally you might face DMCA takedown notices as these services are least reliable due to least encryption. Therefore, it will surely be a nuisance to choose a free VPN service and enjoy the vast collection of HD video content of your desire on Popcorn Time.

Best VPN for Popcorn Time – Conclusion

Services and programs like Popcorn Time are always appealing for torrent lovers. But the fact that you may become a victim to copyright violation is far scarier than anything else. These pirated videos and movies can cause you to get banned with your IP address through the DMCA notifications or even get caught behind the jail bars. To avoid such dire situations, you should immediately opt for a Popcorn Time VPN for protecting your actual identity to become anonymous over the internet.

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